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Wealthy Affiliate Community: How To Join The Fantastic Forum

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The Wealthy Affiliate community is one of the largest internet marketing platforms worldwide, where members work together to help one another attain greater success. The forum is 24/7 active, with members ready to pay forward the help they received.

Wealthy Affiliate community, Join This Amazing Platform Today

Do you want to know more about this amazing community? Then keep on reading.

Starting an online business without prior knowledge of what it takes can be overwhelming, risky, and time-wasting.

Especially when you consider the number of scams online, it might be challenging to differentiate between the fake and legit ones.

And, you could end up paying so much only for the supposed program to vanish into thin air overnight.

I found wealthy affiliate while searching to start a profitable online business. But, of course, I was skeptical at first.

My thought was, is this another online scam?

I scanned through the content and decided to register for a free account to see what it’s all about.

But you know what? I was blown away; the step-by-step and easy-to-follow training, the friendly community, and the prompt feedback on any issue.

You want to know more. Keep reading till the end.

Disclosure This post contains few affiliate links, which means I may earn a commission if you purchase through the link. But don’t worry, It’s at no extra cost to you. Thank you. For more information, please read my disclosure page.

Inside The Wealthy Affiliate Community

So who are the brains behind this amazing community?

Kyle Louden and Carson Lim found the platform over 15 years ago to help people reach a greater height in their online businesses.Wealthy Affiliate Community Founders

They saw the opportunities in affiliate marketing, learned all the nitty-gritty, and decided to share their knowledge and experience over the years with the world.

Immediately after signing up, I received a welcome message from them informing me how to leverage the opportunities within the community.

Within a short while, many members followed suit, receiving me with motivating and inspiring messages.

Really, I was amazed by the act of kindness and initially thought it’s not real, but I was in for a big surprise as everyone seems friendly.

No wonder the slogan within the community- pay it forward. It means when someone is kind to you, find a way to repay the kindness by helping others.

And I can confirm that life inside the community is exactly that way. Every member looks forward to helping the other attain greater success.

What more can I say. You can’t get the real feeling until you get inside.

Join Wealthy Affiliate Community For Free

How To Get  Help Within The Platform

There are many avenues to ask for help, questions, or solve any issue within the platform.

  • 24/7 live chat

Wealthy Affiliate Live Chat

  • Submit a ticket
  • Private messaging
  • Through your blog

Within a short while of posting your question or issue, rest assured you’ll get it resolved quickly.

Six Key Benefits of Wealthy Affiliate Community

With over 2 million members worldwide, you sure are in for a great deal of experience, networking, learning, and success.

You can leverage many benefits within the community; access to build a website, keyword research tool, write content that gets ranked in search engines, and many more.

I will discuss only six key advantages of joining wealthy affiliate community here.

Good enough, you can start for free with the starter account.

  1. Excellent Support

Selflessness and prompt response to resolve any issue are of top priority.

No wonder the popular slogan within the community; pay it forward, and I can say that’s the summary of what takes place within the community. Every member is eager to assist the other in the best possible way.

You can ask just about any question, and you’ll be amazed at how much help and answers you get from experts in that field in a jiffy.

2. Cultural Diversity

Wealthy Affiliate community has Over 2 million people of different cultures, religions, ethnicities, languages, nationalities, gender-just name it coming together for the primary purpose of helping one another to succeed.

3. Boost Your Business

If you think you’re an iota of knowledge, you need to check out this incredible community.

It’s a platform with an abundance of teachers literally in all fields; name it.

In addition, you have access to 1-1 coaching with your mentor as a premium member.

Furthermore, I have gained insight from members’ comments and blog posts that I applied to my business and got better results.

Here are samples of blog posts you can leverage within the community to boost your online business

How to make money on YouTube

How to find YouTube keywords that work

How to earn $10,000 as an SEO expert

What’re the secrets to making consistent 5-digit income

How to generate more sales

How to get more traffic to your website with YouTube

Join Now To Get More Of This Awesome Business Tips

4. Site Support

It could be frustrating when your website is down with a technical problem, and there seems to be no support from your host. I experienced that earlier this year, and it was saddening.

The hosting company literally told me to get a web developer to fix it. But with wealthy affiliate community, you can be sure of getting all issues resolved in a jiffy.

Considering the level of expertise within the site support team led by Carson, you don’t need to get all stressed out searching for a web guru; all you need to do is submit a ticket to site support, and in few minutes, you have the problem solved.

5. Fast Response

There are many avenues to get issues resolved within the community. Live chat, private message, submit a ticket, or even blog the question. You’ll receive a prompt response in a short while.

The community is available 24/7, and you can ask just about anything relating to your website and business, rest assured, you get a fast response.

6. Training

One of the best deals you can get anywhere is free step-by-step training.

The online entrepreneur certification is the first course with five lessons: making money online, social media management, traffic generation, and content creation.

Wealthy Affiliate - Online Entrepreneur Training

Isn’t it amazing that you can get all these lessons without paying a dime as a starter member?

There are other premium training courses, weekly webinars on trending issues, and many more.

Check it out here.

Who Is Wealthy Affiliate Community For?

If you are

  • A beginner looking to start your website but has no clue how to begin.
  • Stay at home moms and dads
  • Content and Product creators
  • Students to earn income
  • Advanced marketers
  • Expert who wants to network with other successful entrepreneurs

Anyone looking to start a sustainable long-term online business can join but must put in some effort and time.

So the community is not for people looking for

  • MLM program
  • Get rich quick scheme
  • Lazy and not ready to work

In addition, there’s zero tolerance for sharing spammy links and content within the community. You can read more about that here.

How To Join Wealthy Affiliate Community In Five Easy Steps

There are three membership options, and you join through any of them

Option 1: Free Starter Member $0

Option 2: Premium membership $49 ($495/yearly). But You get a 51% discount if you pay within 7days; hence you’ll pay $19.

Option 3: Premium Plus $99 ($995/yearly).

Then follow the following five steps to register

  1. Create your free account
  2. Upload your profile image
  3. Write a brief description of yourself
  4. Click the get started green button on the dashboard
  5. Jump straight to the training

Nothing to lose here; get started for free.

Wealthy Affiliate Sign Up - Get started here

Wealthy Affiliate Community – Testimonials and Success Stories

Here are some members of the community sharing their success journey with wealthy affiliates.

Really, it was not all easy from the beginning. But their hard work paid off with time.

You can achieve whatever you want if you’re ready to put in the effort and time.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

Wealthy affiliate success stories

There are so many members with similar achievements in the community; you can read more here.


Wealthy Affiliate community is one of the best forums you can find anywhere to grow your online business.

If you need someone to take you by hand and lead you to achieve greater success, you have landed yourself a great deal.

The focus is to help one another reach greater heights.

If you’re starting with an online business, I recommend you join the free training to see if it’s a good fit for you.

But rest assured, you’re joining a great group of entrepreneurs whose primary focus is to help one another.

The Wealthy Affiliate community is there 24/7 to help you scale your online business.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to drop them in the comment.

Let’s do this.

Thank you for reading.


The Author - Muslimah Badmos

About The Author

Muslimah is a project manager and writer. She has worked as a manager for over a decade. She now uses her knowledge and experience to help new bloggers scale their blogging businesses. When she's not spending time with her family and friends, you'll likely find her reading books or working on the computer.

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12 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Community: How To Join The Fantastic Forum”

  1. Hello
    Wealthy Affiliate platform provides wonderful tutorials, webinars, training, active community and other informative information to help you get started.

    I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate, and since I joined this awesome community, I have never looked back.

    Thank you for writing this lovely post-Muslimah

    1. I agree with you, Yvonne; it’s an amazing platform for aspiring and successful entrepreneurs.
      Thank you for sharing your experience.

  2. This community is truly amazing and can help anyone to have online success as long as you follow the training. You can communicate with persons within the community 24/7 plus you have a support team that is there to help make things run smoothly. I would encourage anyone to join Wealthy Affiliate where people are helping people to have success and live their dreams.

  3. As a fellow associate of Wealthy Affiliate, I can vouch for the program’s integrity! I’ve been dabbling with affiliate programs, internet marketing, and even pyramid schemes as far back as 1984 (at 14 years old)! The majority of such program involvement has been short-lived, primarily because most of them don’t share the same formulas, nor training techniques that Wealthy Affiliate does.

    Furthermore, Wealthy Affiliate has a community where people come from all walks of life, each with their own background and experience. Unlike most other programs that have communication available between their members, WA’s is considerably superior! Everybody talks to everybody, including the “top brass” as they’re in this with the people before profit attitude. The same can’t always be said for other affiliate programs!

    Interestingly enough, everybody within Wealthy Affiliate who actually puts people before profit is the ones who achieve their goals and success stories much faster. This is something for anybody who is looking into WA to think about. If there’s any affiliate program that has as good a reflection on how life works, Wealthy Affiliate is exactly that!

    1. Hi Millie
      It’s nice to hear you have a good experience within the community, and the same goes for everyone I know who interacted with the forum.
      They all had good stories to tell.
      Just like you pointed out, prioritizing helping people over personal gains is the way to success.
      Thank you for stopping by.

  4. Wealthy Affiliate has so many tools a person can use to really give their business ventures a go. It’s even better when they’ve found a niche they can work with and use all that WA makes available.

    The best tool, in my opinion, is the community. Every single person there is different, but all share the same goal of achieving success levels in whatever it is they’re doing. I’ve come across people who struggle just to understand what they’re getting into, all of whom receive the information and support they need from members within the community who know the ropes. The advice given to newcomers and those struggling isn’t coming from people who are on WA’s payroll. They’re people just like you and me.

    This is why I give WA the amount of credibility I do. As much as I appreciate what Kyle and Carson have done for the community, it’s actually the members within the community that I feel a stronger connection to.

  5. The community within Wealthy Affiliate is what gives this training program an extra boost. All the training, hosting, keyword research, and mentors are plentiful but the community provides the extra support to succeed.

  6. I have been a member of wealthy affiliate for close to 2 years. One of those treasures I have enjoyed on the platform is the commu ity. The community is a warehouse of digital marketers that share experience and solve each other’s problem. You are free to ask questions and there is definitely a member that can answer your question. It is always my source of help 

  7. Hey there,

    This is a very informative and detailed article that covers the Wealthy Affiliate platorm which is a really awesome place to start your affiliate business. Kyle and Carson’s pay it forward system is what as made this platform which in my opinion is the most successful affiliate business model. That is why they are running strong for over 15 years. I like the fact that they don’t sugar coat things just to entice you to make a purchase.



    1. Thank you for sharing your experience with Wealthy Affiliate. It’s indeed a great place to start a successful online business.

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