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The Authority Site System Review Is Authority Hacker Worth It?

Welcome to my Authority Site System Review.

The Authority Site System is an affiliate training course teaching how to earn income by building profitable authority sites from the ground up.

It gives you tips and tactics to become an authority, established internet marketer, scale your business, and move to the next level.

The modules in this System cover everything from picking a niche to planning a future authority site.

The training uses keyword-based planning and writing guides to help you succeed. It’s easy to follow and lays out everything you need to know to get started.

The Authority Site System is a great way to build a profitable online business and I think It’s worth every penny for the comprehensive training and step-by-step content creation.

If you can find a niche with a low competition level, it will be a breeze to succeed with an authority site.

Disclaimer I’m not an affiliate of Authority Hacker, and I won’t be paid if you join the program. However, I will present my unbiased review.

The Authority Site System Review

The Authority Site System Review Overview

Course Name: The Authority Site Systems (TASS)

Official WebsiteThe Authority Site System – AuthorityHacker

Course Instructors: Mark Webster and Gael Breton

Price: $997 – $1997

Best For: People looking to build a website and want to get some backlinks to boost their domain authority.

The Authority Site System Pros

  • The course is well known and respected.
  • Private Facebook community
  • Teaches how to get organic traffic from search engines by publishing high-quality content.
  • Comprehensive training with many case studies.
  • Proven results from successful students.
  • Access to tons of resources to guide your niche choice.
  • There’s a realistic expectation of what you need to create your authority site.
  • Emphasis on creating quality content
  • Over 180 training video lessons and also subtitled.
  • Regular lifetime updates.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

The Authority Site System Cons

  • It takes years to build an authority site.
  • The course is pricey, and thus not everyone can afford it.
  • You have to spend additional costs for needed tools; keyword research, domain, hosting, etc.

What Is The Authority Site System?

The Authority Site System is a training program that offers a step-by-step guide to building an authority site from the ground up.

The course is mainly designed for beginners. Hence, you can follow along with the lessons and learn from the real-life case studies of building authority sites.

Mark Webster and Gael Breton, the creators of The Authority Site System have built authority sites and made millions of dollars. Moreover, they have trained many students over the years who are now successful owners of profitable sites.

Their focus is to share their knowledge and experience over the years with others.

The Authority Site System provides training on the site’s structure, niche selection, SEO, organic traffic, keyword research, content creation, monetization, and more.

In addition, you’ll learn about the importance of creating content and how to optimize your posts for search engines properly.

What Is Authority Hacker Pro?

Authority Hacker Pro focuses on advanced marketers with some experience building authority sites but who are willing to scale their business.

On the other hand, the Authority Site system is focused mainly on beginners who want to learn how to build niche authority sites.

Authority Hacker Pro has over 400 hours of training courses but is more pricey. It includes link building, sales funnels, email marketing, and more.

Who Is The Authority Site System Best For?

The Authority Site System is for people who want to make money online by building authority sites.

Although the course includes 180 lessons, which is a lot to take in one sitting, it’s worth it because it teaches you the exact steps experts use to make money.

It also goes into picking the right niche and writing content about it.

Who Is The Authority Site System Not Meant For?

TASS is not the best for anyone looking to make quick cash online. The business model is to build an authority site using organic traffic and SEO, which takes a long time.

So, if you don’t have the patience and time to invest at least a year into the business, it’s best to look for alternatives.

In addition, TASS is not for advanced marketers who are already vast in link building, creating content, and building niche sites.

The Authority Site System Founders, Who Are They?

About Mark Webster

Mark Webster has been an entrepreneur since 2008. He’s an expert in large-scale content creation and link building. In addition, he directs the podcast, building sites, backlinks, outsourcing, customer support, and the technical aspect of the course.

About Gael Breton

You’ve probably heard of Gael Breton, the half of the SEO duo Authority Hacker. This Canadian internet entrepreneur specializes in authority sites and podcasts.

Gael is a skilled affiliate marketer and entrepreneur with experience in SEO and monetization.

If you’re new to the Internet or just starting, the Authority Site System can be beneficial. The System has 180 ‘over-the-shoulder’ videos that teach you various skills.

Gael and Mark started the joint venture in 2013 and have made millions helping thousands of people build authority sites.

Is The Authority Site System Legit or An Online Scam?

TASS is a legit course, and both Gael and Mark are well-known and trusted successful marketers. The training teaches every step you need to build a successful authority site from the ground up.

In addition, you learn about SEO, content creation, link building, organic traffic, and more.

What is Inside the Authority Site System?

What's Inside The Authority Site System

Before buying the Authority Site System, you should consider what yo get from the training. There are over 180 training videos grouped into 15 modules, as shown below.

Module 1: Internet Marketing 101

Module One of The Authority Site System is a must-have for those who are new to the online marketing scene. The course starts with a short video introducing you to the concept of authority sites, the various marketing methods, and search engine optimization (SEO).

After this, the training moves into several different topics. For example, Mark teaches about affiliate marketing, skyscraper marketing, guest posting, monetization, and layouts of commercial content.

In addition to the video lessons, the course also features a private Facebook group that allows course participants to ask questions and get answers to problems. This aspect of the training increases the relatability of the material.

The course’s content creation section spans eight detailed videos and supplementary text.

Module 2: Brainstorming Niches

The second module in The Authority Site System is titled “Brainstorming Niches.” This section of the course helps you identify your niches and keywords.

It also includes topics for pillar articles and monetization methods. The Authority Site System provides templates for these activities.

You will need to pay for Ahrefs for this training, but you can cancel the subscription after two months. You can watch Gael pick a niche in Module 3 to understand how to go about it.

This module is primarily for people serious about starting an authority website. It contains action items that you can take to make the process as effective as possible.

During the training, you’ll spend a reasonable amount of time researching the competition in your niche and evaluating how they use their authority websites to generate revenue. And what kind of content they post.

Knowing these competitors will help you plan your site better, write high-quality content, and create a practical site map.

Module 3: Qualifying Niches

After completing the first two modules, you’ll be ready to start putting your strategy into action.

This module contains almost four hours of video content that will help you determine if your chosen niche has any potential to generate income.

It also covers how to prepare your website for your niche, identify low-hanging fruit, and put together your battle plan.

As with any long-term strategy, selecting the right niche is essential. Before implementing SEO strategies, be sure that you have a passion for the topic, or you may find yourself quickly crashing out.

The module on niche selection will teach you how to develop ideas and what makes a good field. You’ll learn how to choose a niche that’s likely to generate income and build an authority site.

Module 4: Planning Your Site

This module will teach you to build pillar content, sitemap, and create categories. The Authority Site System provides you with pre-built templates for pages and posts. But, first, it shows you how to create informational content.

The System recommends starting with informational content to get a foothold in the authority niche. You can also find writing guides to help you with the process. After completing this module, you’ll be ready to scale your content production.

Module 5: Setting Up Your Site

You’ll learn to create a successful affiliate site with a high-quality audience.

Mark and Gael will take you through setting up your website from scratch. It includes purchasing your domain name, hosting, and theme.

It also includes setting up Google Analytics, Search Console, rank math SEO, email, and other technical aspects of running a successful website.

Module 6: Branding Your Site

Then, once you’ve created your domain name and website, you’re ready to brand your site.

Branding your site will help you create a unique identity for your authority site.

This module includes creating your business logo, fonts, colors, and images.

Module 7: Setting Up Posts and Pages

In this section of The Authority Site System, you will learn to set up essential pages like the home page, contact, and privacy policy and add them to your website.

Setting up pages and posts is the key to attracting visitors and converting them into sales.

Module 8: Building Info Content

Here Mark and Gael walk you through the content creation process.

Identifying a low-hanging fruit is an excellent way to start, as this will allow you to focus on writing content that will convert visitors to buyers.

You can also start with informative content to build a foundation for referrals.

Module 9: Writing Content

Here, you learn to write high-quality content that can rank well on search engines. Content is King in this business, and you need to stand out from the competition online.

The instructors are experts in this field and will show you how to write content on your site like a Pro.

Module 10: Optimizing and Publishing Content

This section focus on getting your writing noticed online by search engines. You’ll learn to optimize your title, meta description, URL, add internal and external links, and more.

You don’t need to worry, as the Authority Site System comes with training videos and audio files to assist you throughout the process.

Module 11: Preliminary Link Building

This training module covers the basics of link building which is vital to increasing your site’s authority and chances of success.

Although few courses cover link building in detail, this training module covers it in depth. Therefore, this lesson might be worth its weight in gold.

It can help you build links that drive traffic and increase your site’s authority. However, you must be passionate about your niche. Otherwise, you may crash out.

It includes building backlinks, creating a site, and building organic rankings.

Module 12: Affiliate SetUp

You will learn to sign up for affiliate programs to recommend products to your visitors and make a commission each time someone purchases through your website.

Mark and Gael will take you through the whole process of selecting the best programs and managing your affiliate links.

Module 13: Writing Commercial Content

This section covers how to write content recommending products and services to your audience. It includes product reviews, list posts, buying guides, product comparisons, etc.

You’ll learn how to create blog content that ranks well in search engines and be profitable.

Module 14: Premium Tactics

Next is learning to outsource content by hiring writers so you can focus on other aspects of your business. In addition, you access training about display ads and affiliate offers.

Module 15: Becoming An Authority

The last module of this training course focuses on the foundational steps of becoming an authority. You will learn how to select a topic, optimize it, and create and post content to make your authority site stand out from the crowd.

This is especially important for those who are new to authority sites.

What I Like About TASS

Private Facebook community

You get immediate access to a support Facebook group after enrolling in the training. There you get feedback, support, and answers to your questions concerning the course.

In addition, you get direct access to Gael, Mark, and other Authority Hacker team members.

You can also get support through email and chatbox.

In-depth training lessons

The course is user-friendly, straightforward, and full of good information. It teaches you to build profitable authority sites, write great content and drive organic traffic to your site from search engines.

Premium Templates

There are free templates and spreadsheets for keyword research, link building, content creation, and niche research. Hence, if you struggle with what to write on your site, you will find the templates helpful.

Of course, it takes time to build an authority site that people will trust and be willing to link to, but you are sure of building a long-lasting business and sustainable business.

Money-back guarantee

Not all program offers a refund. So it’s a plus for the Authority Site System. Mark and Gael promise a refund of your money within 30 days of purchase if you are not satisfied. The process is quite easy, all you need is to email the team and you can be sure of receiving your refund.

No exaggerated income claims

Neither Mark nor Gael claimed you would earn an outrageous amount within a short while. Instead, they explained the process using real0life examples without holding anything back.

In addition, there’s a realistic budget expectation of the cost you will incur during the training.

Regularly updated 

Mark and Gael frequently update the training to meet up with the latest events.

What I Don’t Like About TASS

Expensive to get started

It’s not everyone that can cough out $997 for the program. Hence, maybe overwhelming for beginners who have no money to afford it.

Additional cost on paid tools 

Apart from the course price of $997, you need to budget an extra $200 -$500 for a domain, hosting, and keyword research tool, which are recurring expenses.

Focuses mainly on link building

It’s not easy to receive backlinks from authority sites if you are just starting. You need to create high-quality content and build trust over time for others to link to your site.

What Does The Authority Site System Cost?

  • You get lifetime access and updates with a one-time payment of $997
  • In addition, you get a full 30-day money-back guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Authority Site System worth paying for?

Yes. The training is in-depth and shows real-life case studies by Mark and Gael, who are themselves experts in building authority sites.

However, you will be ready to invest money, time, effort, and patience to succeed.

Do I need any particular skills to join TASS?

No, the training is beginner-friendly and takes you through the process from the ground up.

Does the Authority Site System offer a refund?

Yes. Authority hacker provides a 30-day money-back guarantee to try the system and then decide if it matches your goals.

All you need to do is send an email to within 30 days, and you will get your total refund.

Are there additional costs to pay?

Yes. Though there are no upsells, you need to pay extra costs for a keyword research tool, domain, hosting, and likes.

Do I get lifetime access to the Authority Site System?

Yes. The Authority Site System includes lifetime access and all future updates.

The Authority Site System Review – Final Thoughts

The Authority Site System is high-quality training that teaches you to brainstorm and choose a good niche. This course will significantly help you build a sustainable authority site that will improve over time.

For an investment of $997, this course will give you the tools you need to create an authority site.

However, building an authority site is not for everyone. So, if you are looking for some alternatives to the Authority Site System; you can check out the following

Wealthy Affiliate

Commission Academy

Commission Hero

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