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Savage Affiliates 2.0 Review Is Franklin Hatchett Worth It?

The Savage Affiliates 2.0 course is a good choice if you want an affordable course and have no prior knowledge of web design.

While having the previous experience to start your own business isn’t necessary, it teaches you how to create a website based on a niche and monetize it through affiliate links.

The program also helps you find collaborators, which can increase your sales. So, if you’re looking for a cost-effective affiliate marketing course, Savage Affiliates 2.0 might be just what you’re looking for.

This course is a good choice for beginners. Still, it’s best to learn from an affiliate marketing guru before diving into a new program.

Franklin’s video training on eCom has helped many people earn money online using dropshipping.

Despite this, Savage Affiliates 2.0 is far more affordable than similar courses. Most courses cost at least $497, but Franklin Hatchett’s course is an excellent value.

In this review, we’ll discuss what Savage Affiliates 2.0 is, whether it’s worth buying, and is it the best affiliate marketing program? It all depends.

Franklin Hatchett’s course is full of information, from creating a website to generating traffic. There’s also bonus training, such as using ClickBank and getting free traffic.

Savage Affiliates 2.0 Review

Savage Affiliates 2.0 Overview

  • Product Name: Savage Affiliates 2.0
  • Official
  • Creator: Franklin Hatchett
  • Price: Standard ($197) & Super ($297)
  • Type: Advanced Affiliate Marketing Course
  • Best For: Beginner and Expert Affiliate Marketers


  • The program provides tons of valuable information on affiliate marketing.
  • It explores free and paid traffic methods.
  • It’s suitable for newbies and veterans.
  • Franklin Hatchett is a super affiliate and internet expert
  • There are lifetime free updates.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Private community group
  • Weekly Q&A sessions


  • You need to spend extra money on tools
  • The training content can be overwhelming for beginners

What Is Savage Affiliates 2.0?

Savage Affiliates is a step-by-step program that teaches you how to make money online through affiliate marketing.

It covers everything from social media to search engine optimization, YouTube, and advertising. In addition, there are ten training modules, each with video and in-depth content explaining how to build a profitable niche business.

You’ll learn to build a website without needing coding knowledge. You can choose a niche and develop a website in it.

Once you have set up your website, you will learn to promote profitable products. As you make sales, you will receive commissions.

According to Franklin, the following are the steps to start your affiliate marketing business

  • Step 1: Choose a niche
  • Step 2: Find a website name related to your niche
  • Step 3: Sign up for web hosting
  • Step 4: Build your website with WordPress
  • Step 5: Choose an affiliate program. For example; ClickFunnel
  • Step 6: Get your affiliate links
  • Step 7: Create review content and add your unique links
  • Step 8: Get traffic to your content

Is Savage Affiliates Legit?

The program is a comprehensive and legitimate course. Franklin teaches the techniques and strategies he uses to build successful businesses.

He includes lots of examples and case studies to prove his claims.

Who is Franklin Hatchett?

Franklin Hatchett, Creator of Savage Affiliates 2.0

Franklin Hatchett is an online marketing expert and super affiliate teaching how to create a profitable online asset, harness launch jacking strategy, and more.

Besides this, he’s a well-known YouTube creator and Affiliate Marketer. His YouTube channel has over 500,00 subscribers, where he discusses affiliate marketing, eCommerce, SEO, free and paid ads, and more.

Franklin got two awards from ClickBank after hitting $1 million in sales. In addition, he has a course on eCommerce, known as the eCom Elites Program, for people looking to start a dropshipping business.

Savage Affiliates also includes a private Facebook group where you can interact with Franklin and other successful members.

Who Is Savage Affiliates for?

One of the most impressive features of Savage Affiliates 2.0 is its comprehensive training. Franklin walks you through each step in detail, including creating an online asset that makes money.

Savage Affiliates is suitable for anyone looking to build a sustainable business with affiliate marketing. It includes both organic and paid traffic methods.

So, paid traffic may be the right option for those who have the budget and lack the patience to rely on SEO.

The program also helps you harness the launch jacking method to capture traffic. In addition, the course contains over 30 hours of video training.

It’s a comprehensive guide to Internet marketing success. Franklin Hatchett has a proven track record, making his course so popular.

However, remember that affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-quick business model.

Hence, it would be best to put in the work and time to succeed.

Savage Affiliates Support

The Savage Affiliates support team has a lot to offer you. The course is comprehensive, and Franklin takes you through each step of building an affiliate marketing website.

His course is accurate and has numerous success stories to prove it. In addition, you’ll receive unlimited support from other members, which is rare for the training of this caliber.

This course teaches you how to promote affiliate products and build trust with your audience. In addition, you will learn how to research keywords and analyze your competition.

And how to create valuable videos and use forums and Quora to attract traffic. In addition, you will discover how to use paid traffic to drive highly targeted traffic to your website.

One great feature of this course is its money-back guarantee. Franklin Hatchett offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. To qualify for the refund, you must first log in to the platform at least once and watch at least 50% of the training before requesting a refund.

The money-back-guarantee is a good feature, so if you’re not happy with your purchase, it might be best to find another course.

Savage Affiliates Results and Testimonials

If you’re looking to promote products with the least effort, you may want to try Savage Affiliates. The course does not cost a fortune, but it is packed with high-level strategies to help you generate sales without too much work.

For example, Franklin discusses how to promote web hosting services and shares tips and strategies. In addition, the course features a Facebook group where Franklin personally posts updates and shares the results of other members.

You can read these testimonials for yourself before deciding on whether or not to enroll in the course.

What You Will Learn Inside Savage Affiliates 2.0

There are Ten modules further divided into more than 120 video lessons.

The course is excellent for the more advanced affiliate marketer. And only a few programs offer this type of training at this price.

Here’s the outline of the course in detail.

Module 1: Affiliate Products to Promote

Each module is composed of different lectures and videos addressing specific subtopics. The course also includes an introduction module and a bonus module. Taking the training from top to bottom is highly recommended to ensure you get the most out of it.

You’ll learn to pick the right products to promote and find high commission offers.

First of all, you must choose a niche. You don’t want to start in a popular field saturated with competition.

So instead, choose a niche with less competition that you won’t struggle so much to rank.

Module 2: Building Your Website Asset

Among the many modules included in Savage Affiliates 2.0, Building your website asset is one of the most important. Moreover, it’s one of the critical components of your marketing strategy.

You can use this module to learn the fundamental aspects of SEO and how to choose the right niche.

It also includes setting up your domain name, landing pages, web pages, email marketing, and more.

The module also provides tips on where to find the best online marketplaces. By the time you finish this module, you will have a basic understanding of how to begin your online business.

Module 3: ClickBank Affiliate Marketing

The 18 video lessons teach how to set up a profitable affiliate marketing business. In addition, Franklin Hatchett will show you how to organize your website and explain the importance of legal pages for affiliate marketing websites.

You’ll learn how to make money with ClickBank affiliate marketing and build your niche website.

Frank Hatchett teaches you about metrics and how to find high-converting offers. You will also learn about establishing a ClickBank account and getting traffic.

The module also includes videos on advertising and advanced techniques for marketing affiliate products.

You will learn how to use Facebook and YouTube ads to promote your offers. YouTube ads and Facebook Ads are tricky to use, but Frank Hatchett shows you how to do them right.

In addition, he includes case studies that give you tons of ideas. So if you’re looking for a high-quality ClickBank Affiliate Marketing course, you’ve found it.

Module 4: ClickFunnels with Websites

You may already be familiar with the ClickFunnels platform, but do you know how to optimize your site to make more sales?

With over 40 video lessons, you’re about to learn how to optimize and make it more effective with Savage Affiliates 2.0.

This module includes lessons on email marketing and capture. Learn how to capture visitors’ email addresses and develop funnels online.

It’ll show you how to create a website to make money for you and your affiliates. But make sure to invest in the right package! While Franklin’s training is excellent, do some research before purchasing Savage Affiliates 2.0.

Franklin Hatchett gives you some tips and tricks to using funnels to make sales. For example, he shows you how to use your email to capture visitors’ email addresses and use them to build online funnels.

Then, he shares his proven funnel, which has helped him make thousands of dollars online.

Module 5: SEO Google Traffic Training

This module teaches you how to use SEO to generate free traffic from search engines. Franklin shows you how to track keywords, increase your website’s speed, and implement SEO strategies to improve your rankings.

Without proper SEO, you have very little chance of ranking high on Google, so you must find other ways to promote your website. However, this method is not a one-stop solution; you must also build a list of articles.

The training includes three modules: Solo ads, On-page SEO, and Off-page SEO. Franklin Hatchett breaks down these three topics into 29 videos, allowing you to see what’s working best for you and your business.

Franklin also teaches you how to use Google AdWords to increase traffic and sales. Franklin covers SEO on both Google and YouTube. The bonus module focuses on free traffic methods.

Module 6: The Funnel Academy

The training module contains 18 videos with tips and tricks to get your funnel off the ground. You’ll learn how to write content, create product reviews, do keyword research, and more.

It also contains a funnel-building guide showing you how to set up your funnel using ClickFunnels.

Franklin shows you how to build funnels and promote ClickBank products in this training module. He also teaches you how to write content, write product reviews, and do keyword research.

There are also 11 videos on funnel building. During the training, Franklin Hatchett also recommends ClickFunnels as the tool for building funnels. The basic plan is $97 per month.

The program’s Email Marketing module is an excellent addition to the training course. Franklin walks you through every aspect of Email Marketing so you can use the techniques he uses in his funnels.

Module 7: The Email Automation Academy

This course teaches how to build a funnel, create helpful videos, and analyze the competition. It also covers getting traffic from forums, Quora, and Instagram.

Finally, it shows how to use paid traffic to sell your products. The course will also teach you how to make your newsletter attractive to readers and convert those emails into sales. It is worth checking out!

Also, you’ll learn how to use email marketing to generate sales. The module includes 45 videos, all about affiliate marketing. Besides building a website, you will also learn about SEO basics.

The Savage Affiliates 2.0 course will help you learn more about using the email marketing system to increase your traffic and profits. It also includes creating a GetResponse account, autoresponders, and campaigns.

Franklin Hatchett is an authority in digital marketing, and you can trust his information. The course also includes extra costs, but these are nominal.

Module 8: Done-for-You Affiliate System

The program will teach you how to create a website without any coding knowledge, use your name and choose a niche. Once you’ve built your site, you can strategically place affiliate links on it to earn commissions.

The program also includes training on Google AdWords ads, Solo Advertising, and Web Hosting. Franklin explains how to get attention and convert it into sales. You can also learn how to monetize future traffic floods with launch jacking.

And suppose you’re not ready to invest significantly in Savage Affiliates 2.0. In that case, there are other courses that you can sign up for.

Module 9: Free Traffic Training

The Franklin Hatchet module focuses on off-page SEO, which involves making your website popular in your niche and increasing your social media presence.

You’ll learn to track your website’s search engine ranking and optimize your social media profiles to increase engagement. To generate revenue, you must find potential customers willing to spend money.

You’ve probably heard of free traffic training. Franklin’s free traffic training is an in-depth review of paid and free traffic. His methods are effective and work. Moreover, he shares his insights on SEO and social media marketing with you.

You’ll learn to get free traffic from online forums, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and more. In addition, you can explore social media and platforms to generate free traffic and earn commissions.

Franklin Hatchet has been providing massive value through his videos on YouTube for years and continues to do so today.

Module 10: Paid Traffic Training

In the Savage Affiliates 2.0 course, you will learn how to generate free and paid traffic to your site. Franklin Hatchet provides over 30 hours of video content to help you master paid traffic generation.

You will learn how to build a website and a blog and harness the power of the launch jacking method. Finally, the training will teach you how to convert those leads into sales.

This module will teach you how to create a website and generate income with Amazon. He walks you through the process, shows you examples, and even helps you build your first site.

Paid traffic is essential to the business, but you must be ready to shell out money to get started. Franklin recommends using one of two networks and shows you how to work with both.

The content on Facebook ads is beneficial, and Franklin teaches you how to use Facebook advertisements to generate free traffic.

Paid traffic sources like Google ads, solo ads, and Facebook pixels are also discussed.

You’ll learn how to create and manage these ads to generate substantial cash from free traffic. The course concludes with a discussion of paid traffic sources and how to choose the best ones.


  • Launch Jacking & Web Hosting (Exclusive to the Super Package)
  • Amazon Affiliate Marketing
  • Frank and Student Case Study
  • Lifetime updates

Savage Affiliates 2.0 Pricing

The course offers two different packages, as mentioned in the overview above. The prices are meager compared to what you’ll get, and they are as follows:

  • The Standard Package requires a one-time fee of $197 for lifetime updates and access.
  • The Super Package requires a one-time payment of $297 for lifetime updates and access.

Some of the topics in the Standard Version include

  • Affiliate marketing training
  • Niche research
  • Website setup
  • Email marketing
  • Funnels
  • SEO
  • Weekly live session
  • Lifetime updates

While the Super Pack includes the following

  • Full step-by-step ClickFunnels Affiliate Academy
  • DFY affiliate marketing funnel
  • Multiple ClickFunnels pre-made templates
  • Launch jacking affiliate method blueprint
  • Web hosting affiliate method blueprint

However, keep in mind that you can switch from the Standard to Super version anytime; you only need to pay $100 extra.

What I Like About Savage Affiliate

Weekly live sessions

The course also features an exclusive FB group, unlike the open Facebook group that Frank used in the past. In addition, Franklin hosts weekly Q&A sessions for his students and shares updates on new trends in the affiliate marketing industry.

Affordable and Comprehensive Program

Savage Affiliates is affordable compared to other affiliate marketing courses like Authority HackerProject 24, and Commission Hero. In addition, it teaches in-depth SEO training, including keyword research, on-page SEO, and off-page SEO.

It also includes niche research, affiliate programs, email marketing, free and paid traffic methods, and more.


Even though Savage Affiliates is affordable, Franklin still promises a 30-day money-back guarantee if you go through the training and are unhappy with the content.

Private Community

You can access the private Facebook group to ask questions, get feedback and learn from Franklin and other successful members.

Positive results from students

The course teaches you how to make money from affiliate marketing by providing step-by-step blueprints to build a website and create products.

Franklin shares testimonials and updates in the private Facebook group from people who have gone through the course.

Regular Updates

I like that Franklin is always adding more content to the program. For example, Savage Affiliates 2.0 is an upgrade of the course released in 2020.

What I Don’t Like About Savage Affiliate

Additional Cost

You need to budget extra money for essential tools not included in the initial cost. Knowing how much you need to enroll in the training right from the start is always good.

The tools include

  • Domain & Hosting – $100
  • ClickFunnels – $97/month
  • GetResponse – $15/month
  • Ahrefs – $99/month
  • Ads – $50 – $100/month

This additional cost could be up to $300 and more every month.

Final Thoughts And Alternative

Franklin Hatchett covers keywords, audience selection, and the best products to promote. Besides introducing the basics, Savage Affiliates 2.0 also includes advanced methods of promoting your offers. Creating Facebook and YouTube ads is not an easy task.

In addition, Franklin’s case studies will give you plenty of ideas; SEO, free and paid traffic, email marketing, social media marketing, and more.

Alternatively, you can check out my all-in-one platform, Wealthy Affiliate, for free training. And with the premium training, you’ll get access to all resources to start and build your business at no extra cost.

These include domain, hosting, keyword tool, live webinars, community and tech support, 1-on-1 coaching, etc.

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