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Complete Powerhouse Affiliate Review: Who Is Joey Babineau?

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In this Powerhouse Affiliate Review, we will discuss what the program is and who the guy behind it is.

You’ll learn about the cost per action (CPA) model and what it means for affiliate marketing.

We’ll also examine the proven marketing graphics and landing page templates and discuss how this training program can help you make money online.

Let’s get started!

Powerhouse Affiliate is a comprehensive affiliate marketing training program with over 40 video lessons focused on CPA marketing.

However, affiliate programs using CPA models pay you only when a lead completes an action.

The course creator, Joey Babineau, is an online marketing expert and YouTube video trainer who has been doing this for years. In addition, he has a background in advertising and media buying and claims to have trained thousands of affiliate marketers.

You can see his success story on his YouTube channel. However, it would be best if you did your research before signing up for any training.

Powerhouse Affiliate Review


Powerhouse Affiliate Overview

  • Product Name: Powerhouse Affiliate
  • Official Website
  • Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Platform
  • Product Owner: Joe Babineau
  • Price: $20 monthly membership, $ 297-lifetime membership, or $97 half-yearly membership
  • Recommended?: Yes


  • 14-day money-back guarantee
  • Several traffic sources for CPA marketing
  • Comprehensive training about CPA affiliate marketing
  • Quality program with case studies, webinars, step-by-step lessons, tools, webinars, and many more.
  • Private Facebook group and community forum


  • The program is pricey for some people.
  • It is more of a CPA marketing model than affiliate marketing.

What Is the Powerhouse Affiliate?

Powerhouse Affiliate training program will teach you the basics of affiliate marketing and how to use CPA to get traffic fast and earn a percentage of the customer’s spending on the product.

It includes niche research, traffic analysis, case studies, webinars, email marketing, and more.

This method is tricky, especially if you’re using paid traffic sources. First, you’ll need to learn how to get the most out of your CPA campaigns to maximize profits.

Luckily, Powerhouse Affiliate provides you with step-by-step instructions to get started. In addition, it pays you a 50% commission for every sale you make, as long as you’re a Premium member.

If you’re looking for a step-by-step course and a video version on CPA marketing, you can go for this comprehensive course.

Who is Joey Babineau?

Joey Babineau - Creator Powerhouse Affiliate

Joey Babineau was a bartender before he learned how to make money online. However, his success story is impressive, as he was in $40,000 in student loan debt when he decided to start his own business.

He’s been an online marketing expert for over a decade. He has a successful YouTube channel and a website with tons of free information.

The Powerhouse Affiliate program is a marketing training program owned by Joey Babineau that claims to teach the secrets to become a super affiliate.

It promises to teach you his unique traffic strategy and examples of his earnings.

But should you spend money on this course? Keep reading!

What is Cost per Action (CPA)?

Cost per action is simply the cost to generate a specific action. For example, if a $100 ad must bring in 20 new clients, the cost per action would be $5 per new client.

The term is often used in marketing contexts. Still, it doesn’t necessarily refer to the amount an advertiser pays for each click, form submission, or email contact request.

While a specific action is what advertisers want to achieve, CPA is not always the best choice for your business. As an advertiser, you should always aim for the sale. You can also use cost per action to determine your advertising budget.

One benefit of CPA marketing is that cost-per-action pricing is allowed by the platform on which your ad is placed. As a result, marketers prefer this model for many reasons.

Is Powerhouse Affiliate a Scam?

The Powerhouse Affiliate program claims to offer unique ways to earn traffic and commissions and a structure for building profitable CPA marketing channels.

The program uses a CPA marketing model to help its members learn how to create highly-optimized landing pages, blogs, and emails and track their results.

The system even teaches its members how to use Facebook to attract free traffic. Hence, Powerhouse is not a scam but a legitimate program to help you build a successful affiliate program.

Joey Babineau spent so much time learning ways to make money online and tested countless strategies. He shares many of his systems on his blog and YouTube for free.

What You Will Learn Inside Powerhouse Affiliate

If you’re a novice in the internet marketing world and are wondering what you should expect from this Powerhouse Affiliate course, read on.

You’ll learn the ropes of affiliate marketing and website traffic at Stage 1 of this course. You will also learn about email list building in Stage 2. However, it’s best to enroll in all five modules to get the most out of Powerhouse Affiliate.

Stage 1: The Basics – Affiliate Marketing Certification

This section covers the rudiments of affiliate marketing and how to make money as an affiliate. It includes building trust with your readers, implementing affiliate strategies, and refining your content to be more compelling.

You’ll also learn how to make affiliate links more attractive to your visitors. First, however, always give your readers something they want to buy as an affiliate.

While pursuing affiliate marketing certification, you need to ensure you’re using the right tools to get the most profit.

To get started, start by purchasing a course that will teach you how to start and run your own affiliate marketing business.

Here are some of the lessons in this section

  • How to achieve success
  • How to earn income as an affiliate
  • Niche & target market research
  • Set up your website 1 & 2
  • Make money with your blog and landing page
  • Setting up high-converting landing pages
  • Tracking
  • Overview of website traffic
  • Free traffic methods
  • 90-day challenge

Stage 2: Monetization Channels – 5 Phase Email List Building 

If you plan to launch your own list-building business, you need to create your email marketing assets. The course will teach you how to create an email list and acquire subscribers and followers.

However, you need to purchase additional services, such as an autoresponder, to run your list-building business.

The first part of the course is video-based. After that, this module is split into eight lessons and covers everything the platform teaches.

It will also teach you about affiliate marketing, native ads, autoresponders, and tracking your results. During the webinar, you’ll get eight lessons to help you build an email list and make money from your list.

You’ll also learn about writing compelling articles to build a massive list of subscribers. In addition to the content, you’ll also learn how to run paid ads on social media platforms and SEO for free traffic.

Using a powerful email marketing system is one of the keys to success in affiliate marketing. The program creator, Joey Babineau, has been in the business for a decade and has made millions of dollars.

Topics in this module include

  • Affiliate funnel and email autoresponder
  • Creating your opt-in and squeeze page
  • Autoresponder & squeeze pages
  • Autoresponder sequences
  • Tracking email opt-in and subscriber’s rate
  • Pre-funnel strategy
  • List segmentation

Stage 3: Performance Marketing Certification – CPA Cash Vault

This training program is structured to build on the previous modules and experience. In addition, the course includes case studies and a member forum that provides extensive knowledge.

Since it is paid marketing, you’ll need to set a budget for advertising but spend only the money you can afford to lose.

The course also teaches how to collect leads and analyze data. And once you learn how to analyze the data, you’ll be able to scale massively.

It includes the following lessons.

  • What is CPA affiliate marketing
  • Getting accepted into top CPA networks.
  • CPA offers, restrictions, and traffic sources
  • Collecting leads and preparing your sales funnel
  • Setting up the squeeze page and landing page
  • Setting up Auto-pilot sales
  • Landing page hacks

Stage 4: Advanced Traffic – Website Traffic Certification

These modules will teach everything from the basics to paid traffic and how to maximize your ROI. You’ll learn how to source traffic, the ins and outs of paid traffic, create ad campaigns, and use ready-to-run ads.

Paid traffic is an essential part of website marketing. But you must know the tricks to get the best ROI from paid traffic. The instructor will show you how to balance organic and paid traffic and apply machine learning to optimize your ads.

However, native ad tactics are beneficial if you have problems with Facebook’s bans.

Some of the lessons in this module are

  • The pillars of a traffic surge
  • Solo ads
  • Bing ads traffic
  • Push notification traffic
  • Video traffic
  • Facebook traffic
  • Native ads

Stage 5: CPA Display Academy

The most crucial part of learning to manage and maximize a campaign is knowing how to set clear objectives and measure the results.

In this section, you’ll learn to use a variety of campaign publishers. In addition, you will learn pricing metrics, such as CPC and CPL, and how to implement the standard Digital Media Planning Process.

This module also includes a case study and webinar details.

  • Webinar worth watching
  • Native ads and display networks
  • Best landing pages for native ads
  • Perfect advertorial
  • The ads and networks
  • Optimizing and scaling native ads

In addition are case studies and webinars on the following topics

Case studies

  • Bing ads
  • Push notification ads
  • Native ads
  • Facebook ads
  • Google ads


  • Building your email list
  • Getting maximum ROI on your campaigns
  • Setting up profitable native ads
  • Choosing profitable affiliate niches
  • Creating high-converting landing pages
  • Monetizing Adsense with CPA offers
  • Making money with native ads
  • Direct linking campaigns & free traffic

How Much Does Powerhouse Affiliate Cost?

Powerhouse Affiliate Pricing

There are three pricing models in the program:

  • $20 monthly membership
  • $297 one-time membership plan
  • $97 half-yearly membership

Powerhouse Affiliate Program

You can join the referral program either as a free or premium member. The first step is to sign up for the training. Then complete the application form by entering your details.

Next is to enter your payment information, and once approved, you earn a 50% commission on each referral.

What You Benefit From Powerhouse Affiliate

Comprehensive Training

Joey Babineau takes you through the step-by-step process, sharing his tactics and techniques for succeeding with CPA marketing. The training is well arranged in video and text formats making it easy to follow and implement.

Community Support

Powerhouse Affiliate has a private community where you can get feedback and ask questions from Joey and other members.

Free Graphics and templates

Powerhouse Affiliate offers over 100 landing page templates and tons of free graphics you can use as a premium member. In addition, new ones are added every month.

Examples include animated graphics, business packs, internet marketing packs, headline templates, and more. Then, all you need to do is customize it to suit your brand.

Joey Bibaneau Walk The Talk

Joey shows the strategies and techniques he used to build successful businesses. In addition, there are many case studies in training taking you through CPA marketing campaigns through Facebook, Native ads, Push ads, and more.

Money-back guarantee

Joey Babineau offers a refund of your money if you are unhappy with the content and returns it within 14 days of purchase.

Free trial

Powerhouse Affiliate has a free trial with access to an online Affiliate Marketing Certification course. It includes 12 lessons, access to affiliate programs, private Facebook support, and more.

No upsells

I like that the training has no income exaggeration and no upsells. You know exactly how much you are paying right from the onset.


Joey and his team organize webinars regularly where he invites high-profile guest speakers to share their experiences with CPA marketing and traffic methods.

Constraints Of Powerhouse Affiliate Program

Additional Cost

The program offers many resources and templates; however, essential tools like hosting, landing page builder, spy tool, 3rd party campaign are not included. And thus, you need to budget for them.

In addition, you’ll spend extra money on ads every month, and there’s no assurance you will earn anything for some months.

For example; landing page builder, email autoresponder,

Focuses mainly on paid traffic

Powerhouse Affiliate training is mainly about paid traffic, though some lessons discuss free methods.

Hence, you need to spend a substantial amount on paid traffic to get a tangible result.

But if you want to learn affiliate marketing using the free traffic methods. I recommend you check out my Wealthy Affiliate review.

Final Thoughts and Alternative

Powerhouse Affiliate is a comprehensive training by internet expert Joey Babineau teaching how to build a thriving affiliate business using CPA marketing.

If you don’t mind spending money to get traffic, it could be worth it.

However, as a beginner, it’s essential to have a solid foundation of what affiliate marketing entails.  Moreover, it’s not advisable to start spending money on ads; instead, master free traffic methods, SEO, content writing, and likes. 

The course is best for intermediate and advanced marketers.

Alternatively, you can access free training to see if it meets your goal. Moreover, you don’t need to spend extra money on hosting, domain, keyword tools, or tech support. Everything you need to get your website running is included.

Learn more about the training here.

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