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How To Expand Your Business With Pinterest (12 Easy Tips )

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Pinterest is one of the most popular social media networks globally, with about 444 million active monthly users. And also a search engine on its own where the audience uses keywords to find new ideas.

For example, if you type in a keyword in the search box, the app will generate many new ideas you may not have thought of.

Although the primary focus of Pinterest is to showcase creative ideas that people find inspiring and exciting, using it for business can help you increase your engagement and reach.

Pinterest has grown to be an essential platform for promoting products and brands, and so, the traffic and audience are there to grab.

But, how do you attract customers for better conversion?

This post will give you easy tips to scale your business growth on Pinterest.

Let’s get started.

Business Growth and Pinterest Sign up

About Pinterest

Pinterest was launched in March 2010, and by November of that year, it had grown from 20,000 registered users to more than a million. But now, there are over 400 million monthly active users looking for creative ideas. Pinterest focuses mainly on visuals and has various short videos, quotes, images, and links.

The amount of content available on the platform makes it a popular place for businesses to promote their products or services.

Pinterest has a user base of mainly 60% female and 40% male; hence, most of the content on the site is related to home decor, fashion, food, fitness, travel & lifestyle.

Why People Use Pinterest

Users are on Pinterest for many purposes, such as

  • To discover new creative ideas
  • Get more engagement with their content to boost their website traffic, sign-ups or sales.
  • Increase their brand awareness and conversion rates
  • Find gifts that are perfect for friends and family members
  • Get inspired by fashion trends or travel destinations
  • Organize a baby shower or wedding
  • Search for videos and tutorials to learn new skills

12 Easy Tips To Boost Your Business Sales With Pinterest

Pinterest gets millions of users monthly, and if you are a business owner, you can do several things on Pinterest to gain more followers and increase your conversion rate.

Studies show that there are six factors for success on the platform.

  • Quality content – write in-depth, helpful, and valuable information.
  • Repetition – consistency with pinning regularly
  • Visuals – create eye-catching images and photos.
  • Engagement – post topics that your audience wants to know more about, engage with your followers by liking their pins and commenting on them when appropriate.
  • Mobile accessibility – use the proper ratio of 2:3 to optimize your content for mobile.
  • Sharing – Join group boards and community to get people repinning your pins

Here are the essential steps to scale your business growth on Pinterest

1. Create A Business Account

Pinterest sign up form

First, you need to create an account (which takes only seconds) then begin filling it with relevant description that appeals to your target audience.

You can do this by adding specific keywords or topics in your profile’s “interests” section.

Setting up a Pinterest business account has many advantages. You get access to advanced features like analytics, promotional pins, ads, brand awareness, tools, and more.

To get started, you can either

  • convert your personal account into a business account
  • create a business account from scratch

If you have a personal account, simply login to your Pinterest account

  • Locate Settings in the upper right corner
  • Click account setting
  • Then account changes
  • Next select convert account
  • Click continue, and there you have your business account.

But if you are starting from scratch, go straight to settings and create your account.

You can sign up with your Google, Facebook, or email account.

  • Log in to your Pinterest account
  • Go to settings and switch to a business account.
  • Fill in your profile details and click on create.
  • Add your business details, name, and location.

Remember to optimize your description so your content appears more in the search results.

2. Claim your website

Claim your website on Pinterest

After creating your business account, the next step is to link your website and other social media account. But first, you need to verify that you are the website owner.

  • Locate settings on your Pinterest profile
  • Then click on claim
  • Fill in your website URL in the claim your website box
  • Then click claim.

You can verify your website quickly by adding the HTML code if you have SEO or header and footer plugins on your site.

If you have the All in SEO plugin on your WordPress site

  • Click on General settings
  • Then Webmaster tools from the top menu
  • Locate Pinterest
  • Copy and paste your HTML code in the verification box.
  • Then click save changes, and that’s it.
  • Go back to Pinterest and click done.

You can also claim your Instagram, Etsy, and YouTube accounts. You will receive a notification within 24 hours if your website is confirmed.

3. Optimize your pins on mobile

It’s essential to optimize your Pinterest graphics for the mobile device. Try to use the recommended vertical image ratio of 2:3 to keep the image intact without cutting off.

Remember, 85% of pinners use the Pinterest mobile app.

4. Create idea pins

Visuals are compelling, and creating idea pins is an excellent way to connect better with your target audience.

Share your beautiful ideas with your audience. For example, create a video with text overlay write a unique story.

  • To locate the idea pin feature, click on create from your business account
  • Click on the ideal pin
  • Load up to 20 images
  • Add an optimized title, and then make necessary adjustments.
  • Finally, hit publish when you are sure everything is good.

5. Use attention-grabbing images

Upload high-quality images ratio 2:3 (1000 x 1500 pixels) with your brand logo to get more attention from users.

Also, save other high-quality pins within your interest on your boards. Remember that you need high-quality images to get featured on the Pinterest smart feed. This feature shows information based on the quality of your pin, the source, and Pinterest rating. It means that to see your pins at the top, you need to create high-quality and relevant images.

6. Optimize your profile description

When filling in your profile details, remember to use keywords in your description. Users search for content with keywords, and to ensure your name shows up in the result, include search terms in your pin.

7. Tract your metrics

It’s always good to monitor how your pins perform on your Pinterest analytics. With details of impressions on your pins, you get insight into

  • Measure your performance to know what is working and how best to improve.
  • Learn more about your audience, demographics
  • Check your best-performing pins and create more content like that
  • Know the type of device people use to search for your content

8. Ads And Promote pins

Pinterest ads are one of the most affordable. You can target your audience or a particular location in your ads using relevant keywords.

In addition, you can promote your pins to drive more traffic and conversion.

9. Apply for rich pins

Using rich pins for your content is an excellent way to add extra information to your pins. For example, links your website link and description of the image, which is usually in a bold title.

The advantage is that rich pins are attractive and thus get noticed quickly, and if you make any changes on your site, your pins will update automatically.

Though it may take up to 24 hours before it’s approved, any pin you created afterward will be a rich pin.

There are basically four types of rich pins; Article pins, Product pins, Recipe pins, and app pins.

10. Pin regularly

Keep your account lively by posting regularly. It would be best to create a board and pin as many pins as possible to be visible.

In addition, engage with other people’s pins by repinning on your boards.

11. Create Boards

Creating boards can be a great way to organize your thoughts visually. They are also the best way to keep your work contained in an easy-to-find manner. But, of course, it would be best if you always use relevant boards for your pin topics.

You cal also create group boards and invite other people to join. Most of them have stated rules for taking new members.

12. Tell A Story

One of the effective ways to grow your business on Pinterest is storytelling. You can use your posts to tell stories about you or your business, what motivates you and why you do what you do.


What are Pinterest boards?

The panels where you save your pins after creating them are Pinterest boards.

What does repin mean?

Repin is when you add other people’s pins on your board.

Can I use Pinterest without a website?

Yes, you can, but you will need to create an account if you intend to grow your business.

Is Pinterest business account free?

Yes, The business account is totally free; all you need to do is sign up with your Google, Facebook, or email address.

What does Pinners mean?

People who post pictures of their creative ideas on Pinterest are referred to as pinners.

What is a rich pin on Pinterest?

A rich pin is a type that includes more than just basic information. With this type of pin, you can have images, text, and website links. As a result, they appear much more significant than regular pins in search results.

Wrapping It Up

Pinterest focuses on providing the audience with user-friendly content, pin quality, and new pins regularly.

To increase your chances of scaling your business growth on Pinterest, you need to make sure that your pins are visible, engaging, and creative. You can simply do that by following these guidelines:

  • Make sure that your pin is visible by making sure that it is pinned to the top of the website or people’s boards.
  • Make it engaging by providing a short description of what the pin is about and why it’s important/relevant. This helps pique people’s interest in the pin, so they want to click on it.
  • Make it creative by posting something original or beautiful to share.

Do you have any more tips to add? Do leave them in the comment.

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6 thoughts on “How To Expand Your Business With Pinterest (12 Easy Tips )”

  1. As a lover of Pinterest, this is a great page that i have found very interesting. It’s great to see how the platform can work as a search engine and clear instructions for newbies creating accounts. It’s the first place i go to to look for inspiration and great photos so this website has grabbed my attention ! Many thanks !

  2. I have a Pinterest account but it is not growing as fast as I expected. Maybe it is because that it’s still new and it will take time to grow. But I will try out these tips and hopefully it works. I will be sure to keep you updated on how my journey goes.

  3. Ahh Pinterest. I have been using Pinterest for some time now but to be honest I have never tried to dive deeper and make real use of it. I do post my new blogs there but I cannot gain much of a traction. I will follow some of your suggestions here and see how it goes.

    1. Pinterest is a great place to drive more traffic to your site. 

      Go for a business account, create great content, use eye-catching images, and follow people within your niche. 

      If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.


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