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Jaaxy Review 2023: Try This Amazing Tool For Free

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Jaaxy is an advanced, easy-to-use research tool designed specifically for online marketers to find high-value niche keywords to rank high on search engines.

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Review

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

People use many keyword research tools to search for products, services, and content online.

What makes Jaaxy unique is that it’s designed specifically for online marketing.

If you are an entrepreneur looking for ways to expand your online business, using an efficient, easy-to-use keyword research tool like Jaaxy is a good option.

I will show you the features and metrics on jaaxy used to generate low competition keywords. You can then decide if it’s the best fit for you.

Meanwhile, I’m offering you a free keyword search on  Jaaxy in this post. Slot in your keywords to check it’s a good option for you.

This post contains affiliate links, which means I may earn a commission if you purchase through the link. But don’t worry, It’s at no extra cost to you. Thank you. For more information, please read my disclosure page. 

Why Is Keyword Research Important?

Keywords are words or phrases entered into the search engines. It gives insight into what exactly people are searching for online.

With Jaaxy, you can easily search for low competition and long-tail keywords to increase your chance of ranking on search engines.

Considering the data from GlobalWebIndex that 81% of people search online for a product or service. It means there’s high competition out there online.

So, the best way to find out what people are searching for in the search engine is through keyword research.

Targeting low competition keywords generated in Jaaxy may increase your chance of ranking on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, eventually leading to organic site traffic and leads.

What Is Jaaxy Exactly?

Jaaxy Overview

Name: Jaaxy 

Developers: Kyle & Carson

Website URL:

Price: depends on the membership

Jaaxy Sign Up

Jaaxy is an advanced keyword research tool designed specifically for affiliate marketers to find the best low competition keyword in their niches. 

Jaaxy is owned and developed by Kyle and Carson, Owners of Wealthy Affiliate. Considering their years of experience in online marketing,  you are here to get one of the best keyword research tools you can use to build your business.

You have all the features you need to manage your website, competition, and market research on the dashboard.

How Jaaxy Works

Basically, jaaxy collects search data from three search engines; Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

It shows many relevant results like the search volume, potential traffic volume, and related keyword data when you type in a keyword. 

What Jaaxy does

  • Finds low competition keywords for higher ranking on search engine
  • Shows niches of potential high traffic
  • Brainstorm fresh niches and keyword ideas
  • Gives insight on trending issues
  • Spy on competitors for keyword ideas
  • Compile the keyword into a list and save them.

AVG shows the average number of searches the keywords have for a month on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Estimated traffic: monthly traffic you get if your site rank on Google’s first page

QSR (Quoted Search Results): competing website ranked in google for the exact Keyword. 

KQI (Keyword Quality Indicator): shows how competitive the keyword is with colors. For example, great (green) means low competition, Orange (normal), and Poor means high competition, as shown below.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization): shows the score based on traffic, QSR, and competition. The higher the number, the better. 100 is the best, while 1 is the worst.

Jaaxy Keyword Research Platform

Alphabet Soup: Jaaxy is also efficient for finding keywords using alphabets a – z. You can experiment with it to target a low, competitive, and long-tail keyword.

Site Rank: you can set up automatic tracking of your site. You will be notified automatically on achieving ranking metrics on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. 

Jaaxy Site Rank

Affiliate Program: find lucrative affiliate programs to promote and earn a commission.

Brainstorm: You can track good keywords from brainstorming on the latest trends, information, and product.

Domain: you can analyze your website, type in your domain and click search. You can also search competitor’s domain.

Saved List: Once you have chosen your keywords, compile them into a list and save them on the platform. The good thing is you can easily locate them at your convenient time through the saved list. 

Related Keywords: During the search, you’ll notice related keywords on the right to deepen your research further.

If you are just starting with keyword research, it’s recommended to target low competition keywords. A keyword of over 100 search volume and under 100 QSR may be  good option.

With the advanced features on jaaxy, you can  target new niches with low competition keywords.  

Below is a video walkthrough on how to use Jaaxy for keyword. After watching the video, type in your keywords on Jaaxy to see how it works.

Jaaxy Plans & Pricing

Jaaxy price

Most of the research tools available out there don’t have a starter plan.

  • Starter (free): taking advantage of the free version is a great way to try Jaaxy and decide if it’s a good fit for you. You get 30 keyword searches free, alphabet soup, search analysis, amongst others.

Sign up, try it for free.

  • Pro ($19): unlimited keyword searches, competitor analysis, domain availability search, and many more.


  • Enterprise ($49): looking for more features, the enterprise is the way to go. You’ll get an unlimited keyword list, instant competition analysis, automated domain search, to mention a few.


Pros and Cons


  • Excellent support
  • Step by step training on how to use Jaaxy
  • Efficient to find low competition keywords.
  • Narrows down the research with alphabet soup.
  • Find the best affiliate program.
  • Monitor your post rank in Google, Yahoo and Bing.
  • Good to find long-tail keywords
  • Easy to find niche keywords.


  • Limited searches for the starter.
  • It can become overwhelming for a beginner.


Jaaxy is one of the best keyword research tools for aspiring and successful entrepreneurs looking for ways to expand their businesses.

If you want to build a successful online business, using an efficient keyword research tool that can help you get accurate data for keywords is vital.

The data from Jaaxy can help you create valuable content that helps people solve their problems.

You can take advantage of the free version to check if it’s a good fit for you. Try Jaaxy Now. 

But if you are new to all these terms and want to learn all the details about this keyword research tool,  you may sign up with wealthy affiliate.

As a free member, you will have access to Jaaxy and the step-by-step training on keyword research. Check it out to see if it is a good option for you.

Thank you for reading.

I hope you find this review helpful?

If you have questions or comments, please leave them below. 

You want to start a profitable online business but have no idea how.

This course is for you; get started today.

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