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Income School Project 24 Review Worth It? Best Alternatives

Welcome to my Income School Project 24 Review.

Project 24 is a comprehensive training course by Income school teaching how to generate passive income online within 24 months via blogging and YouTube channel.

The lessons are in video format on topics like niche research, blogging, YouTube videos, SEO, email marketing, display ads, and affiliate marketing.

If you’re reading this, chances are you want to learn more about Project 24, the pros and cons, if it’s worth the price, and the available alternatives.

As a disclaimer, I’m not an affiliate of Income School Project 24. However, this review is based on my research, honest opinions, and information available in the public domain.

Income School Project 24 Overview

  • Course Name: Project 24
  • Official WebsiteIncome School Project 24
  • Course Creators: Ricky Kesler and Jim Harmer
  • Price: $449 for the 1st year and $249 for subsequent years
  • Refund: No money-back guarantee

Income School Project 24 Pros

  • Comprehensive and beginner-friendly training
  • Regular updates with new information
  • No upsells or hyping of the program
  • Private community support
  • Member-only podcast

Income School Project 24 Cons

  • No lessons on using keyword tools and link building
  • No refund and no free trial
  • Additional cost for essential tools

What Is Project 24 By Income School Exactly?

Income School Project 24 is a comprehensive online training designed by Ricky Kesler and Jim Harmer to help people improve their content creation and internet marketing skills.

Both of them are experts with many years of experience in the industry and teach everything you need to know about earning money online through blogging and YouTube.

Many people worldwide have used this program to create passive income. It includes niche research, setting up your WordPress website to rank on Google, creating content, optimizing your ads, email marketing, and scaling your business.

About Ricky Kesler And Jim Harmer

Ricky Kesler and Jim Harmer of Income School Project 24

Income School Project 24 was founded by Ricky Kesler and Jim Harmer, who are long-time friends from Idaho.

Ricky is an internet entrepreneur and influencer with an MBA background. He has worked as an engineer, marketing analyst, and project manager but was eager to start his own business.

On the other hand, Jim is an internet entrepreneur but couldn’t secure a good job. However, he once listened to a podcast on internet marketing, which pushed him to create a successful niche website about photography.

As a result, he was listed as one of the top 40 photographers in the world.

In 2014, Jim invited Ricky to join him in taking Income School to a greater height. They worked together as internet marketing experts and helped many people create successful online businesses over the years.

Their YouTube channel is well known and has thousands of subscribers. They share their experiences, tips, and strategies in internet marketing.

However, in 2021 Jim left Income School to focus on his business.

Who is Income School Project 24 For?

The program is mainly for people looking to earn passive income by creating content and YouTube videos.

According to the Income School Project 24 website, it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme but rather about building a long-term business.

You’ll learn how to set up your WordPress website, choose the right niche, write SEO-optimized content, optimize your ads, affiliate marketing, create YouTube videos, and create your own products.

Is Project 24 Legit?

Yes. Income School Project 24 is a legitimate program offering comprehensive video courses about building and starting a successful business via content and video creation.

Ricky and Jim have built many successful websites and helped students start their own businesses.

How Does Income School Project 24 Work?

First, you need to sign up for the program through the website. Then you will receive access to all the training courses, which include:

Module One – 60 Steps to a successful website 

This lesson is comprehensive training on setting up your blog the right way. It includes topics like

  • Choosing your site niche
  • Setting up your WordPress website
  • SEO
  • Writing repose post
  • Pictures resizing and legal disclaimer
  • Creating resource pages
  • Setting up the Abacado theme
  • Staple posts
  • YouTube promotion
  • Amazon associates

Module Two – Search Analysis

Here, you learn to find trending topics for your articles. It includes brand planning, keyword selection, and creating an effective list.

Module Three – Picking a profitable niche

Choosing an evergreen niche for your website can be overwhelming. This module walks you through the process step-by-step in video format. In addition, it includes a spreadsheet of over 300 niche ideas to help you make the right choice.

Module Four – No Nonsense SEO

Mastering search engine optimization is essential to improving your website traffic and search engines. The 50-minute video tutorial includes how to develop a no-nonsense SEO strategy for a higher rank on Google.

Module Five – Web Traffic Snowball

This section focuses on using social channels to grow your website.

Module Six – Email Marketing

One of the effective ways to connect better with your audience is email marketing. It includes signing up with an email service provider, growing your list, and converting your readers into paying customers.

Module Seven – Myth Busting

The lesson here focuses on using Keyword Golden Ratio KGR to boost your online business.

Module Eight – Finding and Hiring Writers

It can become overwhelming to publish content consistently on your website. This lesson takes you through the steps to outsourcing to writers and training them so you can work effectively together.

Module Nine – Professional Photography

The lesson here is about building up a photography skills. It includes taking close-up photos, shutter, and more.

Module Ten – Website Review

It’s a 16 minutes video where Ricky and Jim check out some students’ website and gives feedback, sharing their knowledge and experience s experts in the field.

Module Eleven – Improving Your Writing Skills and Speed

This lesson shows how to choose the right topic and improve your writing skill using the post structure template.

Module Twelve – Monetizing Your Website with Ads

Previous lessons were mainly focused on writing lots of content for your site. The reason is to ensure you have enough page views and traffic to monetize it. Hence, this section walks you through the step-by-step process of optimizing ads to earn passive income on your site.

Module Thirteen – Having a Success Mindset

One way to ensure you set up your business on a solid foundation is to have a good mindset of why you are starting the business. Jim Harmer discusses how to grow the right mindset for a successful business.

Module Fourteen – Driving Traffic to Your Blog From Pinterest

Here, you learn how to use Pinterest to grow your blog traffic, including five interview sections with successful bloggers sharing their strategies and tips.

What I Like About Income School Project 24

Comprehensive Course Content

The lessons are in video format and thus easy to follow, even for non-technical people.

No Hyping or Upsells

One thing I don’t fancy is multiple upsells. I want to know what exactly I’m paying for right from the on set. But, like Wealthy Affiliate, Income School project 24 was never hyped and didn’t force unnecessary tools down your throat.

Regular Updates

Ricky and Jim ensure that the course content is updated frequently to meet up with what changes.

Ricky and Jim Walk The Talk

They teach the strategies and techniques they used to build many successful authority websites. In addition, they show their results regularly as evidence that the system works.

Project 24 Community

Income School Project 24 has a private member-only forum to answer any questions you have about the program. And receive feedback from Ricky, Jim, and other experienced members of the community.

Abacado WordPress Theme

As a member of the Income School Project 24, you will receive a free WordPress premium theme, Abacado. It usually costs about $67 per year.

Easy to Navigate

You can easily access the training and the download center from the dashboard for content templates, spreadsheets, custom plugins, and more.

What I Don’t Like About Income School Project 24

Building Authority Sites Takes Time

Building an authority site is not a walk in the park. It requires a lot of effort, time, and investment. However, the hard work does pay off in the end.

Additional Cost

Income School Project 24 is already pricey at $449/year. However, you still have to budget extra money for a domain, hosting, keyword tools, and more.

It could be overwhelming for many people to afford. However, I feel a monthly subscription plan like Wealthy Affiliate would ease the payment to a large extent.

No Training on Keyword Tools and Link Building

Income School Project 24 does not include using keyword tools and building links. In fact, Ricky called it a dangerous, inaccurate, and total waste of time in one of his YouTube videos.

Instead, the focus is on using Google alphabet soup; people also ask sections, related searches, and answer the public to choose keywords. This technique is great but can also be inaccurate.

Another argument is that link building is not necessary. But we have seen many bloggers achieving great success with this method—for example, Brian Dean’s link-building technique.

However, in his latest YouTube video below, Ricky admitted that link building is not wrong but serves the purpose of authority building.

No Technical Support

There’s no standby plan to tackle technical issues in case of any problems arising from the website. Hence, you may have no choice but to pay to fix any technical issue on your website, which can be expensive depending on the problem.

No Free Trial or Refund

Presently, there’s no money-back guarantee for Income School Project 24. There used to be a refund policy, but it was canceled when people started taking advantage of the situation.

Some will register, go through the training, and opt-out just to ask for a refund without putting in the work.

Hence, you can’t get a refund once you register for the program.

Moreover, a free trial would be better so you can go through the course to see if it’s worth your investment before registering for the entire program.

How Much Does Project 24 Cost?

Income School Project 24 costs $449 for the first year and $249 for subsequent years. After that, however, you need to budget extra costs for a domain, hosting, and other tools.

Frequently asked Questions

Is Project 24 Worth It?

Yes, Income School Project 24 teaches strategies that work, and many people have had the system’s success.

However, it will be worth it if you put in the work and time to succeed. Hence, you cannot just sign up and expect the money to keep rolling in.

But your hard work will ultimately pay off if you are ready to put in the effort and time.

Notwithstanding, you can still access other training that guarantees all resources to grow your business without paying additional costs.

For example, Wealthy Affiliate gives you access to web hosting, keyword research tools, 1-on-1 coaching, over 50 video training courses, tech and community support, and more.

Does Income School Project 24 offer a refund?

No. There used to be a refund, but it was stopped when people started taking advantage of the course. So most people will sign and go through the entire system and, in the end, ask for a refund.

Is Income School Project 24 A Scam?

No, Project 24 is not a scam but a legitimate program to help you build a sustainable and lo g -term business online.

In addition, Ricky and Jim are well-known experts in building niche and authority websites. They share the exact strategies to create many successful.

Does Project 24 have a free trial?

No, there’s no free trial for Income school Project 24; you must register for the full course.

Project 24 Final Thoughts And Alternative

Income School Project 24 is a comprehensive online course that teaches how to build a business through content creation and YouTube.

There are many video lessons in a step-by-step process to help you achieve your goals of creating a sustainable business. However, building an authority site takes a lot of time and effort.

According to Income School, earning a substantial income may take up to 24 months.

If this idea resonates with you, then it’s worth the investment. However, suppose you are just starting an online business. In that case, you can check out Wealthy Affiliate free training.

The step-by-step video courses walk you through building a sustainable business from scratch. In addition, you get access to community support, SEO, keyword research, mentorship, and more.

You can then decide if it’s worth investing your time and effort in.

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