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How to Rank High on Google Using SEO (Beginners Guide)

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Could a post be written with clear instructions on how to rank high in Google?

For example, what should you do to ensure that you rank higher than your competitors?

Could a list of steps help you rank well in Google?”

While I understand the questions, it is difficult to answer them. It’s nearly as difficult as ranking high on Google.

So this post will attempt to answer the million-dollar question: How can I rank high on Google? While I will give a long and honest answer, I will also share quick wins.

How to Rank High On Google Using SEO

Technical SEO Must Be Flawless

WordPress is an SEO-friendly platform, which means that most technical aspects are covered.

You can improve your SEO significantly by installing an advanced SEO plugin like All in One SEO Pack, Yoast, or RankMath, and using its default settings.

Updating the plugin regularly will help you cover all significant aspects of technical SEO.

Site speed is becoming more critical than ever. As a result, Google considers it an essential factor in determining whether your website ranks well.

Slow websites often lead to slower crawling rates. So, it may take longer for Google to retrieve pages from your site and thus more extended time to index new content.

It’s easy to make your website load faster and increase your chances of ranking high in Google. To check if your pages load quickly or slowly, you can use the Speed report from Google Search Console.

Clear Site Structure

Clear site structure will improve your chances of ranking in Google. That’s because Google and other search engines follow links.

Therefore, it’s essential to think about your website structure and how you link pages within it.

Google will consider pages with many links to them to be more important than those that don’t. Therefore, your website structure is a guide for Google and, therefore, critical.

Content is Still the Best

SEO copywriting is a crucial element of every SEO strategy. Search engines crawl web pages, and you need to adjust your website’s content to their changing algorithms.

It would be best if you also aimed to create quality content and communicate clearly, so your audience enjoys and understands what you have to say. We all know that readability is essential!

Are you looking for quick wins?

Here are some practical tips to help you improve your rankings

1. Identify Orphan Content

Suppose an article is abandoned and has no internal links to other pages or posts that link to it. Google will consider such content less valuable.

You can link to this post from other relevant content. Also, Google and your readers will connect to it via posts that get high search results.

2. Tackle Keyword Cannibalization

Keyword cannibalism is when you optimize multiple posts for the same focus keyword.

It can be challenging for Google to determine which blog post is the most important. And, you could rank low for all of these posts.

The internal linking structure may be the solution to your keyword cannibalism issues.

Then, consider which post is most important for you and link to it from any long-tail articles.

Auditing and merging content is often the best solution to keyword cannibalization. Look for articles that are focused on the same search terms.

You should combine posts that appeal to the same audience into one incredible, original blog post. Doing this will improve your SEO and resolve the keyword cannibalization issue.

Remember, Google loves well-written, long-form content.

3. Speed up Your Website

SEO is all about speed, and Google loves fast websites. A caching plugin or hosting can help speed up your website.

So, read the latest Google updates on website speed, test run your site, and fix all issues.

4. Ensure to Fix Google Search Console Errors

Your SEO plugin is compatible with the Google search console. So, to improve your SEO, you must first fix the errors Google search console finds on your site.

SEO is hard work. It is difficult to give a direct answer to the question, “How do you rank high?” In addition, SEO is a long-term strategy. It’ll only work if you focus on building a great website.

Though, Google will continue to assist users in their quest for the best SEO. You should also focus on all aspects of your website: Great UX, excellent technical SEO, great content, and a well-structured site!

It does take a lot of work to make your website successful. SEO is for Seriously Effortful Optimizing. Good luck!

SEO: How Do You Start?

You’ve just made your first website and want people to discover it to share your views and thoughts with the world. What should you do? Let’s take a look at the steps involved in starting SEO.

Google must know that your website exists. Therefore, Google needs at least one link to your website to find out about your new site.

Google crawls the internet, tracks links, and saves every webpage it finds in an enormous database called the index.

You will need at least one external link to access the index. So, make sure you get the link from an external website.

What Search Term Do You Want to Rank?

You must attract the right audience to your site. Who are your customers? Who built this website? What search terms are your customers using when they search on Google? What is their search intent?

This stage is known as keyword research, and it’s an important and challenging phase. However, many tools make keyword research much more effortless.

Some tools are free, while others can be pretty expensive. However, it’s not possible to outsource a keyword research to any device.

Therefore, it’s crucial to think about your audience and the search terms they use.

You should also analyze the results you see in search engine results pages for keywords. Take this phase carefully. Keep in mind that it’s crucial to do keyword research properly.

Realistic Goals

It may be challenging to rank high for a new website in the beginning. However, sites that have been around for a while already have a history and are well-respected.

Google crawlers tend to visit older sites more often. Therefore, you’ll need the patience to get a new site ranking. Also, remember that some search terms are difficult to rank for because of the high competition.

Long-tail keywords are a good option if you’re just starting your website.

You can get longer, more specific definitions and less competition than popular head keywords.

Once your site ranks well for long-tail keywords over time, you can move on to the more critical head keywords.

Internal Linking

Google also follows links, as I mentioned earlier. It monitors the internal linking structure of your website.

Google crawls your website based on internal linking. This structure acts as a guide for Google and helps you rank higher, especially if it’s flawless.

Whichever pages you wish to rank should have the most internal hyperlinks pointing to them.

Start Writing

Writing amazing content for search terms that you want to rank for is crucial in your SEO. And Yoast SEO, All in One SEO plugins, provides analysis tools that will assist you in writing great content.

The analysis will assist you in writing a text that is both readable and search-engine-friendly. When creating content, be sure to use the key phrases that you want to rank for.

Use the phrases in your headings, as well as in the introduction and end of your post.

Also, optimize your SEO title and your Meta description after you have written your post.

Don’t overlook link building if you want to get your website in the top positions on search engines. So, write content that people will like to link to and share.

People will share original ideas and valuable content if they have great ideas.


Reaching out to people to know about your website and products can help you get external links. So, focus more on successful link-building strategies.

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I like to hear thoughts, ideas, and comments.

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