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What Are The Most Profitable Handmade Crafts Business Ideas?

With the growing popularity of crafts and DIY, there are plenty of opportunities to start your own craft business.

Starting a craft business can be a good option if you want to turn your passion and creativity into a profitable venture.

Whether you’re a skilled painter or woodworker, there are plenty of opportunities to turn your talent into a successful business.

The first thing you want to consider before starting a craft business is your skills, talent, and interest.

Next is to do market research to ensure there’s high demand for the product you want to create.

It’s also essential to find out your competition and pricing.

In this article, we’ll help you with ideas for turning your talent into a profitable venture.

In addition, we’ll tell you where you can easily market your crafts online.

Let’s dive in!

The most Profitable Handmade Craft Business Ideas

11 Most Profitable Handmade Craft Business Ideas To Start

1. Customized home decor

Many searches for unique personalized home decor items that reflect their tastes and style.

If you have a talent for creativity, consider selling wall art, hand-painted signs, furniture, and more.

However, making your designs unique and stand out from others is the secret to more sales.

2. Jewelry Making

Jewelry is a timeless and versatile product that appeals to a wide range of customers.

Most women prefer beautifying themselves with handcrafted pieces to express their personal style through jewelry.

Jewelry is always in demand, and you can make a fortune by creating your own unique designs using materials like beads, precious stones, and even wood.

3. Customized Clothing and Accessories

If you have a talent for sewing, why not consider starting an embroidery business?

Embroidery and needlework are timeless arts that offer a creative outlet for makers.

You can make handmade clothing and accessories ranging from scarves, hats, dresses, skirts, and more. In addition, you can make wall hangings, household items, and embroidered clothing.

The good thing is you can sell them online through eBay, Amazon, and others.

4. Knitting and Crocheting

Knitted and crocheted items such as blankets, hats, and sweaters are popular and profitable for their warmth and comfort during winter.

You can use this period to create unique styles that appeal to many customers.

5. Soaps and Lotions

With growing awareness of potential health hazards posed by synthetic products, natural and organic skincare products are in high demand.

Thus starting a business in handmade soaps and lotions is a profitable business today. But, while you put your creativity to play, you are also helping your customers choose a healthier option.

6. Home Accessories

If you’re handy with glue and a pair of scissors, consider starting a business that creates home decor items.

This category is best for people who want to personalize their living spaces and create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

You can make wall hangings, pillows, table runners, coasters, and picture frames.

7. Handmade Candles

Candles are a popular craft item and can be made in various scents and colors.

They are easy to manufacture due to the low overhead cost and also easy to customize into various scents and colors.

You can create them in appealing and unique forms, which you can sell online and in your local shops.

8. Customized Baskets

Basket weaving offers a creative outlet for makers and appeals to people who appreciate handmade, natural, and eco-friendly products.

You can start a business creating customized gift baskets, as many people now prefer unique and thoughtful things.

In addition, you can fill the basket with items like soaps, lotion, perfumes, and other handmade crafts to earn additional income.

9. Paper Goods

Do you have skill or talent in calligraphy or graphic design, why not consider starting a business in paper crafts?

Paper goods like stationery, scrapbooking, and origami are popular for special occasions such as engagements, birthdays, and wedding parties.

You can make personalized products like journals and invitations.

10. Pottery and Ceramics

You can create unique pieces for the home and sell them to interested audiences, for example, vases, mugs, and plates.

11. Pet Accessories

Pet owners always look for unique and stylish accessories for their furry friends. So you can create handmade accessories like collars, leashes, and pet beds.

Where Can I sell My Handmade Crafts?

If you have a crafty streak, consider selling your creations online.

While selling at local crafts and markets is a good idea, many options exist.

Here are some platforms to sell your crafts


Etsy is a global marketplace where artisans and crafters come together to sell their handmade products.

It has a massive community of sellers and buyers, so there’s always an audience for your products.

The good thing is the platform connects you directly to your audience. In addition, you can set up your Etsy shop with no upfront costs.

However, Etsy charges a 6.5% transaction fee per sale and $0.20 for each item you list.


Shopify has a large community of marketers selling various products through the platform.

The website offers various customization options and tools for running an online store, including integration with many popular payment gateways.

Hence, you can build your online store in minutes using the templates and the drag-and-drop store creator.


Folksy is an excellent place to start if you are looking for a place to sell your original artwork.

The platform is the home of British craft, where you can sell your unique skills and designs.

You can list items in your shop for free, and if someone buys one of your items, Folksy will not charge directly but instead pay the postage fees to you.

In addition, you will find different categories such as knitting, stitching, painting, printing, sketches, carving, and more.


This platform is a marketplace for artisans focusing on handmade goods, vintage and fine art. It allows you to create your own online store and gives you more control over who accesses your product listings.

In addition, ArtFire is a complete e-commerce solution for artisans offering a variety of seller tools and helping you get more interaction with potential customers.

Furthermore, ArtFire has helped artists sell over $250 million in goods globally.


Another marketplace for selling handmade clothing and accessories is Poshmark. Unlike other sites, you can sell and buy used clothes without additional fees.


Another platform to sell your crafts is Zibbet. It offers a streamlined place for selling handmade goods.

In addition, it has many marketing and analytics tools to help you in your marketing.


In addition to handmade crafts being fun and rewarding, it’s also a very profitable business.

Moreover, there are many opportunities in this niche because there are many crafts you can create and sell.

However, before you decide which platform to use, it’s a good idea to research their features, fees, and audiences.

In addition, some of the platforms are more suited for specific handmade crafts, so be sure to consider your target market and audience.

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