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13 Unique Small Business Ideas For Teens + How To Start

Starting a small business as a teenager can be a great way to learn valuable skills and gain a sense of responsibility and independence.

The first thing that comes to your mind is, “where in the world will I get money to start a business as a youngster”?

No worries! You don’t need a large budget to start; you can make do with your existing resources.

For example, you could make and sell handmade crafts, start a blog if you have a knack for writing, or create a coaching service if you’re good at sports.

However, this article will explore some of the best business ideas for teens to help you jumpstart your entrepreneurial journey.

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What Makes A Good Business for Young Entrepreneurs?

  • Your Skills and Interest

You are more likely to succeed in a business that aligns with your passion and experience.

As you expand, there will be challenges and some learning curves, and your passion will help you stay motivated and keep you going.

  • Is it a Low Investment?

You may have limited capital to start; thus, you want to focus on businesses with low or no start-up costs. And also require minimal resources, and you can operate from home.

  • How Flexible is It?

As teenagers, you have schoolwork and other activities to take care of; thus, you want to focus on a flexible business.

This will allow you to focus on academics and balance your other commitments.

  • Are The Products/Services in High Demand?

Remember to check if the business is worth your time and investment when considering where to start.

Find out if the products or services are trending and if there’s a market for them. The reason is to ensure you have consistent customers and revenue.

What Do I Need To Start My “Teen” Business?

There are a lot of great business ideas for teenagers out there. Here are some steps to consider before diving in

Do What You Enjoy

The first step towards ensuring you know what you are doing is to find out what you love doing.

For example, if you love working with animals, you may go into animal rescue. If you love art, then you could become an artist. And if you love writing, you could become a writer or journalist.

You can also brainstorm ideas with your families and friends, and you’ll be surprised at all the ideas that will pop up during the discussion.

Conduct A Market Research

Once you know what kind of business or trade you want to start, it is time for research.

Find out about the market demand, competitors, and potential customers.

For example, check the websites of businesses that interest you, and find out how much they charge for their services or products.

That will give you an idea of how much you need to start and how much money you can make in that business.

Create A Business Plan

Build your business plan, including your goals, strategies, and financial obligations, to help you stay focused and organized.

Remember, it doesn’t have to be anything bogus; keep it as simple as possible.

Brand, Launch, And Promote Your Business

Next is to give your business a unique name, register it and obtain the necessary permits.

Then, start marketing the business to your friends, social media followers, and potential customers.

Social media is an effective place to make money selling your products or service, and it’s free.

So long as you are consistent and creative in using the channel, the sky is the limit.

13 Unique & Flexible Small Business Ideas For Teens

The best and most profitable business ideas for teenagers are the ones they are passionate about.

Here are thirteen small business ideas for young entrepreneurs to start right away

Create Apps

If you enjoy developing apps, why not start a business in this area, helping people make better purchase decisions?

You can design apps that work explicitly for teens who want to earn extra cash doing their favorite hobbies.

For example, if you love reading, you could make an app that helps people find new books based on their preferences. If you love sports, there are tons of opportunities for apps that help people find tickets or track stats.

Try Pet-sitting

If you love animals, starting a pet-sitting business can be an excellent way to earn money.

You get to have fun spending time with your furry friends and earn extra income on the side.

Pet-sitting involves caring for pets while their owners are away, including feeding, walking, and playing with them.

Think of pet owners in your local community looking for someone to care for their pets while they are busy with other commitments.

However, you want to start small by offering the services to your friends and family.

Then, expand your business by advertising in your local community.


Babysitting is a great way to earn money while gaining valuable experience caring for children.

It provides youngsters with the experience of caring for children.

You can start by offering your services to friends and family and then expand your business by advertising in your local community.

Moreover, you can also take a babysitting course to learn essential skills like first aid and CPR.

Provide Home Services

If you are handy with tools and enjoy DIY projects, starting a handyperson business can be a great way to earn money while learning valuable skills.

You can offer basic home repairs, cleaning, and yard work.

Car washing

Starting a car washing business is an excellent way for teenagers to earn money while learning about entrepreneurship.

Do your parents take their car for a wash every weekend? Have you ever thought of how much you’ll make if you decide to take up this task just for the weekend?

In addition, you can offer your services to other family members, neighbors, and friends.

Furthermore, you can also offer detailing services such as vacuuming, polishing, and interior cleaning.

Advertising in your local community is a great way to expand your business.

Start an Online Store

Online selling platforms like Amazon, Etsy, and eBay make it easy for people to set up a store, list products, and start selling.

Teenagers can sell items they make themselves, such as crafts, clothing, or digital products, or they can resell items they purchase from other retailers.

In addition, if you have some old phones, clothes, books, and shoes that are still in good condition. You can put them up for sale instead of those items gathering dust in your wardrobe.

Creating an online store is an excellent way for teenagers to learn about e-commerce, online marketing, and customer service.

Sell Photos Online

If you are interested in beautiful images and have a talent for capturing great shots, starting a photography business can be a great way to earn money doing something you love.

You can offer your services at events like parties and weddings or specialize in a particular type of photography, such as portraits or landscapes.

And, instead of uploading all those images for free on social media, why not earn extra cash by putting them up for sale through stock photo agencies?

Gardening and Landscaping

Starting a gardening and landscaping business is another effective way for teenagers to earn money while working outside with nature.

You can offer their services to help with planting, weeding, and mowing lawns.

Also, you can offer services like tree trimming and hedge cutting. It’s a great business idea if you love being outdoors and have a

Get Paid To Edit Videos

The internet is full of people looking for answers on many topics.

You can create video tutorials on how to fix electronics or use new technology products like drones or virtual reality headsets (VR).

Alternatively, you can create YouTube videos for small businesses looking to increase their online presence and charge per hour or project.

Manage Social Accounts

The truth is that most teenagers already have the skill to manage social media but only need to learn how to monetize it.

Interact with small businesses in your local community, for example, the small cafe or the grocery shop down your street.

Offer to help them manage their social media. For example, you can sell them the idea of assisting them to increase their target customer faster. Let them know you’re ready to do it on a low budget.

However, you may pause collecting money at this stage to build trust and credibility. Instead, tell them to pay after you have delivered and are satisfied with the result.

Tutor Online

As a teenager, there may be some subjects where you excel, why not earn extra cash by sharing your talent with others?

You can offer classes online about topics that interest you, like photography or music theory and charge people to enroll in them.

Furthermore, you can use video conferencing tools like Zoom, Google meets, and Skype.

The good thing is that it’s a flexible business and thus allows you to balance your school activities. In addition, you get to set your own schedule and rates.

Start A Lemonade Stand

Another classic business idea for teenagers, and a good reason, is to start a lemonade business.

It’s a simple and easy way to learn about entrepreneurship and earn extra money. With some help, you can set up a stand in your front yard or at a local event and sell homemade lemonade.

You can also sell homemade cookies, brownies, or other snacks and lemonade.

Provide Services

Apart from all the business ideas mentioned above, you may have some unique skills you can monetize, like graphic design, content writing, and more.

For example, you can create logos and banners for companies or individuals.

You can set up accounts on Fiverr and Upwork stating your skills, experience, and hourly rate.

For example, if your rate is $15’hr, and you don’t mind working for 6 – 7 hours a day, you can make up to $100/day, which is a good deal.

Final Thoughts

Starting a small business as a teenager is a great way to learn new skills, earn extra money, and set yourself up for success.

Whether you teach, sell products online, or babysit, many options will suit your passion and talent.

Getting started can be overwhelming at times, but with a bit of creativity, hard work, and dedication, you can turn your passion into a profitable venture.

Remember, not all business ideas are suitable for teenagers, so ensure you choose age-appropriate and feasible ideas.

So what are you waiting for? Take the leap and give one of these small business ideas a try.

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