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10 Terrific Crafts That Makes Money Most Online

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There are many ways to make money with crafts, as you’ll see. Although selling handmade products is the easiest, you must consider many things, such as pricing and where to sell them.

Indeed, a home-based crafts business may not be for everyone; it can provide a great way to make extra income while also earning praise for your creations.

You must manage administrative tasks if you plan to sell your products.

Many people love arts and crafts but don’t take the extra step to make them accessible for sale. However, you can make a wide range of craft items that you can sell online if you are creative and have the space and time to do so.

Moreover, you can build a home-based business with your creative skills by planning.

But it’s best to plan your tasks from the beginning, including bookkeeping, customer receipt generation, supplier finding, tax filing, and bookkeeping.

Ten craft Ideas To Make Money From Home

Crafts That Makes Money

Also, I’ve included tips and tricks on where and how you can sell your handcrafted products.

1. Jewelry

Because each piece is unique, quality homemade jewelry is trendy. In addition, jewelry is small and easy to transport to craft fairs or ship abroad.

The materials can include beads made from handmade polymer clay, medals, crystals, leather, and many other types.

How to start a jewelry business

2. Candles

Like soap, you can make candles in many different shapes, colors, and fragrances. You may also use unique containers to store your candles, like mason jars and teacups.

How to start a candle business

3. Soap/Bath Products

It’s now trendy to make soap or bath products by hand, primarily if you use organic materials. You can make regular soap or use molds and dyes to create different shapes and colors.

Your products can also be scented. For example, you can make soaps, bath bombs, and lotions. Because they are consumable, these items can generate repeat sales.

How to start a soap business

4. Art/Decor

People cherish unique works of art. So aside from paintings, you can include some artworks, photos, wall hangings made of fabric, wall stickers, and many other types of art.

You don’t have to make crafts that hang on a wall. It is possible to make decorative items that people can place on their bookshelves or mantle.

5. Decorative Dishes, Cups, and Glasses

Do you have the skills to use a paintbrush? Painting dishes, cups, and glasses, particularly wine glasses, is trendy. Etch on a Mason jar or beer stein is also a great idea.

Alternatively, you may use a decoupage instead of etching or painting to decorate your kitchen items. For example, you can make beautiful gifts from mugs, dishes, and glasses.

How to make a decoupage ornament

6. Sewn Items

You can make and sell many items if you are a skilled sewer, including purses, coin pouches and bags, pillow covers, and blankets, potholders, and aprons. Another option is to sew costumes, doll clothes, and children’s dresses.

7. Pet Products

Pet owners love their pets and are open to starting a business in the pet market. For example, you can create pet clothes, collars, and beds. Then, make decorative items such as art and a locket with the pet’s photo.

8. Magnets/Pins

Business owners love to purchase personalized magnets, buttons, or pins they can give customers. You can also make your item and create a new trend (remember the bottle cap magnets).

9. Organizers

It is essential to organize and store everyday household and office belongings. A coffee cup and a plastic bin are good options, but many prefer to purchase unique decorative items.

You can use these ideas to store files and photos in decorative boxes, pencil holders, or wood- or painted-glass utensil holders.

10. Printables 

Printables are digital downloads of artwork, drawings, or graphic design. Many people crave to organize their activities and schedules properly, thus the high demand for workbooks, journals, calendar planners, inspirational quotes, checklists, and ebooks.

Paper items are excellent craft items you can sell to make money. You may even put them up for sale digitally in some instances. For example, you may make a personal planner, checklist, or sticker and send it as a digital file to the customer. But, of course, they can also print them independently (or purchase sticker paper at an office store).

There are a variety of tools you can use to design printables; Canva, PicMonkey, and Venngage. My favorite is Canva because the dashboard is easy to navigate, even for beginners. In addition, you can get started with the free plan.

How to make money selling printables on Etsy

5 Amazing Ways To Make Money With Crafts Items

1. Start a Craft Blog

A craft blog is a great way to express your love for crafting and sell your handmade products. There are many craft blogs, but I’ve seen the best ones share tutorials on making specific items or products.

To be successful, you will need to love writing and take great photos of your craft items. It would be best if you also were interested in promoting your blog online to make it more accessible to others.

Affiliate marketing and advertising are the most popular ways to make money with a craft blog. It involves linking to other websites and selling products. If someone purchases through your link, you will get a commission.

Is it possible to make money blogging?

Blogs are not a quick way to make money. You should expect to keep working on your blog for several months before seeing any income.

But if you keep your eyes on it, you might find it exceeds all of your wildest dreams.

One of the most popular craft bloggers, Jennifer Maker earned over $200,000 in just one month from her craft blog in 2019. It was only three years since she started blogging, so it’s an impressive achievement.

Although she is undoubtedly an exception to the rule, it shows what can be achieved by starting a blog about crafting.

Helpful Articles

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2. Teach Others How You Craft

Teaching others how to make your favorite craft is a great way to make money without selling products.

To gain confidence, start by teaching your friends and family. Then you can teach strangers.

By renting a room or hall to hold your lessons, you could organize your sessions. In addition, students can sign up for classes in a series.

You should quickly recoup your expenses and make a nice profit by getting students to sign up for lessons once per week for six weeks.

When setting the price of your lessons, consider equipment rental and material costs. To share your skills, try running craft tutorials.

Do you want to start your own training company?

You can apply for evening courses at some colleges. Again, you don’t have to be a teacher. All that is required is a plan for the lessons and a structure.

Running training at a college is a great way to get students interested in your course.

3. Create a YouTube channel

Are you not a fan or writer but would like to share tutorials on crafting online? Then, start your own YouTube channel.

Like a blog, it can take some time to make money on YouTube channels. It’s because YouTube has high entry requirements to advertise on your craft channel.

You need a minimum of 1,000 subscribers and at least 4,000 hours of content viewed over 12 months. Though that’s a lot, finding a popular and not too saturated niche in your craft is possible.

To make your videos stand out on YouTube, you will need to have excellent video quality and sound quality. Remember, viewers won’t stay around if they can’t hear or see you.

4. Create an Online Course

It’s a similar concept to teaching, except that, in this case, you do all your training online. In addition, creating an online course allows you to reach a broader range of students, as you can target people from all over the globe.

If you wish to retain complete control over your brand and content, you can sell your course through websites such as Teachable or Thinkific.

You could also sell your course through a marketplace-style course site such as Skillshare or Udemy if you aren’t sure how to market.

These platforms do most of the marketing for you. But, how much you earn depends on people taking your course and the video views you get.

Where To Sell Craft Items

After you have created your items, it is time to make them available for sale. These are some ways to make your items a source of income.

You should price your products to make a profit. You don’t want your products to be too expensive, but you need to cover the cost of your time and materials.

You need to brand your item. Do this by adding your name, business name, or website to each one. You can use a sticker or your home-printed information on business cards.

Customers who want more information can get in touch with your company if they have any questions.

Target a particular type of customer. For instance, the authors are interested in unique swag items with pictures of their books, such as charm bracelets and earrings.

Sheepdog owners desire Totes, tees, and key chains with sheepdog pictures. While customizing your products can take longer, you can charge more.

You can tie in the season. Although many of your products are suitable for any season, it is possible to increase sales by selling seasonal items like Christmas decorations, gift items, or Fourth of July decorations.

You might also consider special occasion items like wedding favors and birthday decorations.

Have you created your items? Great, it’s time to start selling them. There are many ways to sell your goods, even from your home.

9 Top Online Places to Sell Your Crafts

Etsy is the best-known place to sell handmade goods. But there are other places where you can list your items and sell them online.

Other platforms are:

  • Aftcra
  • Art Fire
  • Amazon – Handmade
  • Artists who make their own art
  • Handmadeology Market
  • IndieCart
  • iCraft Gifts
  • Zibbet

To complement the listings on these websites, you can also create your own e-commerce storefront.

5 Top Places To Sell Your Crafts Offline

Selling items online isn’t the only way to sell them. Selling in person is also possible without the hassle of shipping and packing.

You can sell at:

  • Craft Fairs
  • Bazaars
  • Consignment in local shops
  • Farmers’ Markets
  • Vendors are welcome at local events

Face-to-face interactions with customers are another benefit of selling in person. It allows you to receive immediate feedback, learn what your customers love most about your products, and get ideas for new products that your customers might be interested in purchasing from you.


As you’ve seen, there are a variety of items you can craft and sell from the comfort of your home. I also included practicable tips on how to sell online and offline. That’s all you need? Go out there and start selling!

Best Way To Make Money Online Today

If you’re looking for the best way to make money online, starting an affiliate marketing website is one of the best options.

You can read more about starting a profitable business here.

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