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Canva Pro Review: Can I Get Value for My Money?

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If you’re struggling to find the perfect software for your business, you don’t have to worry any longer. There’s one graphic design tool that is the best for any business, and that’s Canva.

Canva is an affordable, easy-to-use online design app that enables people to create unique designs for their websites, social media posts, presentations, and more.

Canva Home Page

You can design anything from social media posts to presentations with Canva. It includes the option of adding text in different fonts and sizes. The app also includes tools for shapes, drawing objects, adding photos, etc.

In addition, y can create professional-looking designs for social media posts, flyers, posters, or other projects. In addition, the interface is user-friendly because one can drag and drop things where needed instead of manually clicking on them, which can be frustrating.

However, you may be wondering if this tool is worth the hype. This post will explore the pros and cons of Canva so you can decide for yourself if you want to use it as your #1 graphic design tool for all businesses.

Disclosure This post contains few affiliate links, which means I may earn a commission if you purchase through the link. But don’t worry, It’s at no extra cost to you. Thank you. For more information, please read my disclosure page.

Key Features

Canva is indeed easy to use and beginner-friendly. Hence, you don’t need to be tech-savvy or a professional graphic designer to use it.

In addition, it provides an easy way to create professional designs at no charge. These features will be helpful for both individuals and businesses.

  • Pre-designed Template

Canva has a library of drag and drops templates that come with different layouts. Pick any of the pre-designed templates and create beautiful designs to suit your brand color.

  • Accessibility:

The app is web-based and thus easy to access. You don’t need to install any additional software and can use it anywhere.

  • Ease of use 

Canva is one of the most accessible design tools available online. It’s perfect for beginners and start-ups who have no graphic design experience.

So, you don’t need any technical knowledge to get started with the app. In addition, it’s easy to navigate.

  • Video Editing Features

Canva Video Editing Features

You can now edit your videos easily with Canva new video editing features. The good news is that it’s available for both free and paid versions.

You get instant access once you sign up. In addition, you can add video, audio, transitions, and more.

  • Background Remover

With Canva background remover, you can easily remove any background in minutes.

  • Content Planner

Another great feature is the content planner to schedule and manages your social media content in one place. It includes Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, and Instagram.

  • Cover Page

Canva has professional-looking cover page templates you can use for all your projects.  You can choose Depending on your need, there are Ebook covers, magazine cover, Facebook cover, presentation, yearbook, program templates.

Canva Cover Page

Images Supported in Canva

  • Png
  • jpg
  • jpeg
  • Pdf
  • gif
  • MP4
  • SVG

Who Can Use Canva?

  • Small businesses owners
  • Bloggers
  • Content creators
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Authors
  • Freelancers
  • Social media marketers
  • Website Owners

How To Get Started With Canva For Beginners 

For anyone new to Canva, the whole process of using this graphic design software can be daunting. There are so many shapes, colors, and fonts to choose from, not to mention how to actually make your design come to life.

This video tutorial will walk you step-by-step through the entire process of making a short video tutorial for beginners. It includes selecting your template; choosing your font; adding images, shapes, and text boxes; sizing, rotating, arranging everything just right; adding animations and transitions, and finally saving your finished project.

The tutorial also includes a brief overview of all the other features that Canva has to offer so that you can continue learning about it on your own time.

Check out the step-by-step tutorial.

Now, let’s look at what’s in the free and premium plans.

Canva Free Versus Pro Plan


Canva Plans and Pricing

Free plan: you can use all the free content at no cost. However, you either pay $1 or upgrade your plan to use any premium content.

  •  250,000 photos and illustrations
  • 57,000 graphic elements
  • 13,000 videos
  • 5GB cloud storage
  • 6 animation effects
  • 5 million infographic elements
  • a library of 3,000 templates that you can customize with your own images and text.

The paid version offers more templates and access to designer-made fonts, which means you can create anything from a logo design to an interactive presentation or banner ad in just minutes.

Premium Plan

Everything in the free plan plus

  • 420,000 free templates
  • 100+ million premium photos, videos & elements
  • 3000+ fonts
  • 100GB cloud storage
  • Premium animation
  • Unlimited brand kit
  • Resize images to suitable sixes for any platforms
  • Add up to four team member
  • Content planner to schedule social media post
  • You can design templates and sell them on your website or through the marketplace.
  • Background remover of images

In addition, you have more control when you go premium. For example, you can upload customized logos, colors, fonts of your brand.

Sign up for the free 30-day trial to see for yourself and then decide if it’s a good fit for you.


Free Plan – Free access to all free images and videos

Premium plan – $9.95/monthly for annual payment or $12.95/month if you pay monthly

Why you should try the Canva Pro plan

The Canva Pro plan has advanced graphic design tools that make it easier and faster to create high-quality designs. In addition, this plan has a library of templates, fonts, and images to help you make stunning visuals for social media posts, presentations, blog posts, marketing campaigns, and more.

You also get access to the background remover, content planner, brand kit, and more.

Though, I started with Canva free plan and used it for a long time. However, I eventually switched to premium because I wanted more unique designs for my blog content.

Moreover, many people use free images, and the design may all look the same. Thus, it’s essential to use beautiful and unique photos on your blog.

Pros and Cons


Saves Time: Canva is a simple and easy-to-use designing app with various layouts, templates, fonts, and features. It is a great way to save time because it doesn’t require any technical work.

Cost-Effective: Canva is a very cost-effective alternative to hiring an in-house designer for small businesses.

All types of Design: You can use Canva to design logos, social media images, advertisements, and even posters or flyers.

Ease of Use: The design tools are easy to use, and the interface is user-friendly, which means that anyone can produce professional-looking designs without any experience in graphic design.

Free plan available: There’s unlimited access to the free version, and you can use it for both commercial and non-commercial use.

Hundreds of stock photos: There are a variety of photos for personal and commercial use.

User friendly: It’s an excellent tool for beginners who have no previous knowledge of graphics.

Good customer support service


However, while Canva is an excellent platform for the average business owner who just needs basic graphics for their website or advertisement campaigns, there are some drawbacks to using it exclusively.

Limited Free Template: Some templates are premium, so you will have to purchase if you want variety.

Limited size option: The free plan does not offer many customization options, so you are stuck with one size option for every template.

Alternatives To Canva

  • Visme
  • PicMonkey: It has no free plan and fewer templates, and it’s $7.99/month
  • Adobe Spark
  • Design Wizard
  • Foto Jet: There’s unlimited use for the free option. It has fewer functions and costs $3.33/month for the premium.
  • Stencil
  • Crello
  • Easily
  • Snappa
  • Stencil

Conclusion – Why Should You Use Canva?

Anyone who needs to design a website, app, or other digital product would find Canvas helpful. It is an all-in-one platform for designers to use when creating their products. It is like having Photoshop, Sketch, and Illustrator in one application.

Furthermore, it has many features that will make the design process much faster and easier.

Canvas also has built-in prototyping tools to help designers show their ideas to clients without any issues.

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