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Affiliate Lab Review: Is Matt Diggity’s course Worth Paying For?

Welcome to my Affiliate Lab review.

Affiliate Lab is a comprehensive video course by Matt Diggity teaching how to earn money online. It covers niche selection, where you’ll learn the tricks of choosing a profitable niche and building authority sites.

It also includes setting up your website, backlink techniques, SEO, and lead generation. In addition, you get access to a private Facebook group where you can ask questions about the training.

The Affiliate Lab claims to be an all-in-one training course. The goal is to get people set up and running quickly. Although The Affiliate Lab is not a “magic wand” to get rich quickly, Matt shares a proven system that works.

Moreover, the course has received positive student feedback and has become the go-to training program for many online entrepreneurs.

In addition, the bonus package is pretty attractive. It contains the technique for dealing with algorithm penalties and new update requirements.

As a disclaimer, I’m not an affiliate for Affiliate Lab and Matt Diggity. However, I will present my honest opinion.

Affiliate Lab Review

The Affiliate Lab Review Overview

  • Product Name: The Affiliate Lab
  • Official Website:
  • Creator: Matt Diggity
  • Price: $997 one-time fee or $597 two-time payment
  • Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Training Course
  • Any Refund: No
  • Best For Beginners/Intermediate/Expert

Affiliate Lab Pros

  • Comprehensive training courses
  • Matt Diggity is a successful affiliate marketer.
  • There are many positive reviews of the training.
  • Matt has a populated and active community.
  • Regularly updated training
  • No upsells
  • You can access several DFY Templates and Checklists

Affiliate Lab Cons

  • There’s no free trial offer or refund.
  • There are additional expenses for tools.
  • The entry is pricey.

What is The Affiliate Lab?

Affiliate Lab is a comprehensive training program by Matt Diggity that teaches how to build authority websites and monetize and flip them for 32 – 40x the profit.

It includes topics like niche selection, SEO, keyword research, content creation, affiliate programs, and website flipping.

Unlike many online programs, affiliate marketing is a scalable business that does not require you to sell any product.

Furthermore, Affiliate Lab claims to show you how to generate authority traffic and make money with your affiliate marketing business.

Moreover, Matt Diggity is a full-time SEO specialist who makes most of his income through affiliate marketing.

Despite being a renowned YouTuber, he does not offer a refund policy. Nonetheless, the product’s video tutorials are worth a look.

You can also join the Facebook group that answers questions and discusses various aspects of the program. The program also comes with lifetime updates.

For $997, you will receive full access to the training videos, the Private Facebook group, and lifetime updates.

Who Is Matt Diggity?

Matt Diggity is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of Diggity Marketing, a digital marketing company. He was born in the US but currently lives in Chaing Mai, Thailand.

Diggity’s background is in electrical and electronic engineering, where he received a Master’s degree. He got a job with a Silicon Valley start-up company but was burnt out, which prompted him to launch his online business.

After that, he builds several test websites to learn the tricks of the trade and monetize them. Eventually, Matt sold the sites at very high prices.

This led him to develop The Affiliate Lab course, which teaches people how to create, rank, monetize and flip affiliate websites.

Matt has a YouTube channel with over 50,000 subscribers. He shares valuable information about SEO, link building, content optimization, affiliate marketing, and more.

Is The Affiliate Lab a Scam?

Matt Diggity Affiliate Lab is not a scam but comprehensive training to help you build a successful business. If you’re skeptical, consider reading the testimonials.

He has been an expert in building online income, hosting an SEO conference in Chiang Mai every year.

Matt Diggity is an internet marketer who has successfully sold high authority websites for thousands of dollars.

Even though he has been an affiliate marketer for almost ten years, there are no Trustpilot reviews of Affiliate Lab. I don’t know why, however.

What is Inside The Affiliate Lab?

The Affiliate Lab teaches you how to earn passive income with your website. It’s regularly updated as Matt adds new information and the strategies tested daily and night.

Keeping you ahead of your competition is the key to earning passive income with your website. It offers lessons in content management, on-site SEO, and off-site SEO.

Module One: Introduction to Affiliate Lab

This lesson is a preamble to the course and Matt Diggity SEO techniques for building successful websites. It also covers the private Facebook group and six-figure flipper club.

Module Two: Niche Research

Here, Matt Diggity discusses SEO and affiliate marketing. He explains how to pick a profitable niche and shows you proven techniques to get started.

Many people complicate this process, but you can quickly narrow a niche to one with a higher chance of converting. In addition, you’ll learn how to improve your conversion rate using the Niche Grading Tool.

The internet landscape is constantly evolving. The best strategies for yesterday may not work today or tomorrow, and many courses fail to keep up with the ever-changing trends.

Some are outdated within a year. But Matt constantly updates the content at The Affiliate Lab and makes sure to remove outdated content from his courses.

Other topics in this section are niche and authority sites and finding non-Amazon programs.

You’ll learn the best ways to attract and convert traffic. Then, it’ll teach you how to make money with your site and flip it for higher profit.

Matt’s course teaches you how to set up a website yourself. It covers topics like selecting a niche and building an authority site.

He also covers how to protect your website from algorithm penalties. Finally, you’ll learn how to increase your site’s deliverability.

Module Three: Onsite SEO

The Affiliate Lab’s proprietary on-site SEO training covers a ton of ground. Even though Matt Diggity has a background in engineering, he’s an expert in SEO techniques.

His methods are structured, organized, and based on a ton of testing. If you want to maximize search engine rankings, this course is worth a look.

This lesson includes domains, hosting, keyword research, content building, setting up and managing a website, feature snippets, affiliate links, and optimizing your website on-site and off-site.

Module Four: Off-site SEO

Off-site SEO is the process of directing organic traffic to a website. While ranking high in Google for highly competitive keywords is essential, you must remember that a featured snippet can only work if your site is on the first page.

One thing that separates Affiliate Lab from Project 24 is the focus on content management and building high-quality links.

This will let you focus on the other elements of your affiliate marketing campaign. The course is taught in an over-the-shoulder style. Each lesson teaches a different technique, but they are proven to work.

The lessons include optimizing your site for search engines, creating a social fortress, Outreach masterclass, bulletproof backlinks strategy, including skyscraper technique.

Lessons on content management also cover how to create a website, optimize your pages, and learn about anchor text mastery.

The most important thing you can learn in this course is how to attract more targeted visitors to your website and earn revenue.

Module Five: Technical Audit

Matt Diggity shows you how to audit your website for better results. It covers topics like Google search console, negative SEO, and technical on-page and off-page audits.

Google has constantly changed its algorithms, and Matt’s training now includes how to use Title tags.

He’s been testing Google’s algorithms for years and continues to do so.

Module Six: The Kitchen Sink

This lesson deals with any issue you may encounter while setting up your website. It includes setup techniques, content and mark-up injections, and more.

Module Seven: The Authority Site Module

The lessons here focus on creating authority websites, case studies, and building backlinks for authority sites.

Module Eight: What’s Next

Here, you learn how to scan; le multiple affiliate sites and flip them for high profit.

When it comes to content marketing and link building, the biggest lie in business is “build it, and they will come. While you can create a website with great content and make money by attracting visitors to your site, you need many outreach campaigns.

In addition, you need to actively engage in outreach and contact other website owners in your niche to gain their respect. Hence, just creating a product or service, and ignoring the importance of outreach, will lead to a lack of readers and sales.

The training course covers everything you need to know, from the initial concepts to the actual sale of the site.

It signifies what to look for in a website to flip, how to do due diligence, valuation, and positioning the site for sale.

The program contains many training videos, including due diligence, teardown, and valuation reviews. You can implement the lessons at your own pace or start with the first lesson and move forward.

The next step is flipping websites; several steps are involved in selling a website.

First, you must determine whether the site you want to sell is worth the investment. Many potential sellers boast about the site’s potential but often lack actual income.

To avoid this situation, ensure you are not investing in a site with no clear path to potential income.

The Affiliate Lab Pricing

The Affiliate Lab course will cost you either a one-time payment of $997 or two monthly installments of $597.

The Affiliate Lab Benefits

Comprehensive Training Course

Affiliate Lab has over 160 video lessons where matt demonstrates his techniques and strategies for creating successful authority sites and selling them at a high price.

No Upsells

Once you register, you get access to the entire training and resources. There are no upsells or excitement about the program. However, there are additional tools like domains, hosting, and keyword tools you need to pay for.

Premium Bonuses

You get access to lots of bonuses after signing up for Affiliate Lab

  • The beginner’s lab
  • Exclusive Facebook group
  • Conversion rate optimization masterclass
  • Featured snippets masterclass
  • Authority blueprint
  • Website flipping masterclass
  • Outreach masterclass
  • Website rescue toolkit
  • Affiliate portfolio playbook
  • Optimize your life
  • SEO testing
  • Topical/authority masterclass
  • Affiliate email marketing masterclass

Private Facebook Group

The Affiliate Lab has a great community. There, you can ask questions and get inspiration from other members.

The community is active, and Matt Diggity emails all lab members when something new happens. If you have a question, Matt Diggity will be happy to help.

The group members also discuss how to choose a niche, use keywords effectively, and write compelling content.

DFY Templates

There are pre-designed templates to help you get your website up and running quickly.

The Affiliate Lab Limitations

The start cost is expensive

Affiliate Lab is pricey at $997; not many people can afford it. However, there is less costly training where you can access more resources.

Additional Cost for Tools

The Affiliate Lab offers many tools and training for starting your own affiliate business. However, there are some missing which you need to budget $200 – $1000 for every month.

You can start with affordable training like Wealthy Affiliate, which costs $49 per month, and you don’t need to pay for any extra tools. Everything you need to build your website ground up includes domain, hosting, keyword tool, technical and community support, 1-on-1coaching, and more.

Good enough, there’s a free trial to check out the training.

No free trial or refund

Since Affiliate Lab does not offer a refund, a free trial would have been a good alternative. So, I can check out what the course entails and then decide if it’s worth my investment.

Authority Site Takes Time

Building an authority website takes a lot of work and time because the training focuses on building backlinks. It may be overwhelming for beginners without prior knowledge of building an online business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Affiliate Lab legit?

Yes, Affiliate Lab is a legitimate business. You learn to choose the right niche and build irresistible site architecture.

The training also teaches you how to optimize content to rank, increase sales, develop your online persona and learn SEO from the ground up.

Though there are many positive reviews, there is no way to verify all of them. Some are screenshots from the Facebook group.

In addition, remember that most of these members are not beginners, and many have already established websites before joining the affiliate program.

Therefore, these testimonials’ success stories are not solely indicative of the training.

Does Affiliate Lab offer a discount?

Yes, Matt currently runs a promo that allows you to get a discount of $200 on your enrollment.

Is Affiliate Lab worth paying for?

It depends on your budget and ability to put in the work and time. The training is full of resources to help build a sustainable business. Still, you need to implement it to see results.

However, it may be overwhelming for beginners with no basic SEO knowledge to jump into this training. Therefore, the course content is a bit advanced.

Does Affiliate Lab offer a refund?

No. According to Matt, there’s no refund on an online course.

Final Thoughts

While on-site SEO is a critical aspect of affiliate marketing, having one is not enough. You must optimize your site for search engines, or else it won’t work well.

By optimizing your site correctly, you can make it a high-ranking website in no time. This course’s on-site SEO training is an excellent way to achieve this goal.

Although there are many valuable strategies in The Affiliate Lab course, many small details are not covered. Therefore, you must research to determine which techniques are suitable for your website.

If you are looking for an alternative to Affiliate Lab, check out my all-in-one training to make passive income.

You will get access to all the tools and resources to build a sustainable business from scratch including domain, hosting, keyword tool, technical and community support, 1-on-1 coaching, and more.

Good enough, you can get started free (no credit card required) to see what the training entails. And then, decide if it’s worth your investment.

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