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13 Simple Home-Based Business Ideas You Can Start In 2023

A home-based business is a small business whose primary office is in the owner’s home.

Having a home-based business is a great way to earn income. But choosing the best home-based business depends on your goals, motivations, and what you enjoy doing most.

If you are a mom thinking of earning extra income or want to start a home-based business but have no clue how to go about it, here are terrific 13 home business ideas you need to try today.

13 Home-Based Business Ideas You Can Start Today

Home-based business ideas

1. Freelance Writing

If you enjoy writing, freelance writing is an excellent way to earn a living. With outstanding writing skills, you could build your income with a home-based freelance writing business.

As a freelance writer, you can write articles, blog posts, reports, books, sales letters, emails, and many more.

Many companies are looking for great content now, and there’s a high demand for article writing and web content writing.

Though you don’t have to be a graduate of English to become a successful freelance writer, it will be better to have a passion for writing and a good understanding of grammar.

Luckily, you can work on your laptop from anywhere in the world.

There are job boards for freelancers to advertise their services and earn some income. Even though the pay might be small, it’s an excellent place to start, gain experience, and build your portfolio as a beginner.

Some freelance writing job sites are Upwork, Craigslist, Fiverr, Flexjobs, Freelancer, Contena, and Indeed.

Home-based business

2. Tutoring

Tutoring is a great home-based business idea if you are passionate about education and have a particular skill to pass on to others.

There’s no better time to start a tutoring business, with many students now searching for additional information online. Additionally, the closure of schools, colleges, and universities has affected many students triggering online teaching.

A report from shows that online tutoring services will expand at a compound annual growth rate from 2020 to 2027. Therefore, online private tutoring is growing in demand and popularity.

3. Home Bakery

Home Baking

If you have a passion for baking various goodies, starting a home-based business is a great way to earn extra income.

When you have decided on the type of baked goods, you wish to sell, create a home-based business plan and stick to it. Don’t forget to include labels and packaging to make your business unique.

Varieties you can bake include Cakes and cupcakes, Bread, Muffins, Pastries, Cookies, Pies, amongst others.

4. Personal Training Service

If you have a passion for working out and enjoy sharing your fitness secrets with others, being a personal trainer is the way to go.

The fitness training industry will grow with increasing people looking for guidance on losing weight and staying fit.

As a personal trainer, you can earn extra income by developing a meal timetable and fitness e-books for your audience.

I have a friend who makes extra cash from selling healthy meal timetables to those who are interested.

Home-based business
Free man working on laptop at desk image, public domain CC0 photo.

5. Graphic Design

Starting a graphic design home-based business can be a great idea if you have a passion for creativity and design.

Many home-based business ideas need design work like flyers, billboards, pamphlets, product catalogs, letterheads, and brochures.

You can work from anywhere so far you have a stable internet connection and a computer. The important thing here is to be creative; make your business unique.

Here are a few freelance design sites you can find work

  • SolidGigs
  • 99Designs
  • Craigslist
  • Dribbble

6. Web Design

Web design is a lucrative home-based business you can start as many companies need websites to operate.

Though, you will need a good understanding of coding, colors, and design tools.

The good news is you can work from anywhere with your computer and stable internet connection.

7. Jewelry Making

Jewelry making is a great home-based business with low startup costs depending on the materials you intend to use for your design.

First, you make your design from; beads, plastic, wire, precious metals, and gems.

After that, determine the material you want to use and make your jewelry unique and attractive.

Home-based business

8. Soap Making

Soap-making is an excellent home-based business to start from home if you want to earn extra income and the passion is there.

Many people now prefer soaps made with natural oils and plants. You can make your soap unique by adding special herbs and fragrances.

9. Sewing Business

Sewing is a great home-based business if you have a passion for stitches and creativity.

However, the essential tool you need to start your sewing business is a sewing machine.

Here is a list of sewing business ideas you can start from home

  • Sewing lessons
  • Quilting
  • Children’s clothing
  • Crochet knitting
  • Curtains
  • Embroidery business
  • Uniform making
  • Costume designing
  • Start a sewing blog

You can get more information on how to profit from a sewing business from home.

10. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is a fast and affordable home-based business idea to start if you have the skill and experience to do the work. All you need to work is a personal computer and a good internet connection.

You may provide a wide range of valuable services to companies and small business owners, some of which include:

  • Scheduling appointments
  • Management emails, phone calls
  • Preparing reports
  • Record keeping
  • Marketing
  • Project management
  • Customer service
  • Administrative work
  • Social media management

11. Dropshipping 

Dropshipping is a home-based business model where the supplier directly ships the products to your customers on your behalf.

Therefore, you can sell to consumers without taking physical possession of the goods.

Once you have made a sale, your supplier ships the products straight to your customers to maintain an excellent reputation for your home-based business, ensuring you get a reliable supplier to deliver the products.

You can use online tools like Google trends, eBay, and Amazon to check how profitable the product you intend to source is before starting your business.

12. Blogging

Blogging is a lucrative home-based business and a means to share your thoughts with others.

As there’s a massive demand for content, starting a blog can be an option for you, incredibly passionate about writing.

You can choose any topic you want. The key here is to write quality content that will capture your audience’s attention.

Though it could take time to earn a substantial amount, writing good content can help to generate traffic to your blog.

Here are a few activities you can start on your blog.

13. Gift Basket Business

A gift basket is a great home-based business idea with low startup costs.

If you have a passion for creativity and find it easy to put memorable gifts together, the gift basket business could be an option for you.

These are the 13 home-based business ideas you can start immediately to earn extra income.

Start a business today, and with hard work and creativity, you’ll see results quickly.

However, if you plan to run your business from home, check with your state and local authorities about licensing and permit requirements.

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