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11 Best Small Business Ideas to Start Online in 2023

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Starting a small business of your own gives you more control and flexibility to work at any time and from anywhere.

Though finding the right niche, product, or service can be overwhelming; the most important is to give value and look for a problem to solve

It’s true that building a business requires money, but here are small business ideas you can begin with low cost.

Getting Started

The best way to start a new business online is to identify your ideal customers.

  • What problems do people have that you can solve for them?
  • What does your ideal customer look like?
  • Why should people want to buy from you?
  • What sets you apart from similar businesses, and why should they choose your product or service over someone else?

Before proceeding further, it’s best to define your target audience and their kind of person. That will help you choose which type of marketing strategy will work best for that individual group of people.

11 Best Small Business Ideas

How Can I Start A Small Business?

The thought of being your boss, working in a place you like, and having the ability to create something new and unique is exciting. However, starting a small business these days can be hard work.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the number of people starting small businesses each year has increased by over 2 million.

When you start a business, you probably have some goals, but it can be overwhelming when you are in the early stages of your idea. Having a better understanding of what you want helps you establish a new business identity and give you an easier time succeeding.

Starting a new business attracts challenges, but there are ways to make it easier. For example, creating a business plan and taking the time to research your industry will make it easier for you to get started.

Many people have great ideas for new businesses. But it’s hard to know how to start and run them successfully.

So start by listing all the different steps you need to succeed in your venture.

Then map it out with detailed plans and timelines before finally getting started on your project. Make sure you’re always staying ahead of any potential obstacles that could be coming your way.

If you want to start a small business, it will require knowledge beyond what most people possess. You should be knowledgeable about the industry you are working in and understand some basic accounting skills. Finally, there’s an essential piece of advice – never give up!

What is the best way to launch your business and create a brand that will be successful?

It starts with having an idea for an unmet need and finding a location where to apply it

11 Best Small Business Ideas to Start And Make Money in 2022

1. Photo Editing Services

With the rise in social media usage, people are capturing more and more photos. However, not every creator has the skills or time to edit their photographs, which makes them miss out on all kinds of opportunities.

If you’re skilled in photo editing, you can showcase your brand on freelancing platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, etc.

2. Video Marketing Services

With a booming trend of online small businesses and startups, the need for video marketing to promote your products or services is more crucial than ever.

Companies have realized that people have a short attention span when reading long texts. They also know that people like visuals more than text, so they invest heavily in video content.

It’s easy to understand why: There’s nothing quite like watching something instead of reading about it.

3. Self Publishing

The market for commercial fiction has seen a significant increase over the past five years as more people have chosen to write and publish their work.

Writing books is a fun way for authors to share their knowledge and wisdom with the world. And one of the most crucial trends in recent times is the emergence of self-publishing platforms.

It is now easier than ever for writers to publish their work and make money. Moreover, people succeeded in selling their books to publishers and got a big royalty check in return.

However, some authors might want to self-publish their book and make lots of money once it’s live on Amazon or other online retailers.

Today, producing your book and making it available to the public is easier. With this trend, small businesses can get their content where it needs to be to succeed.

There are more than 1.2 million titles on Amazon alone. That might sound daunting, but it isn’t. What is essential is to pick a niche you like, find an audience, and self-publish your book.

Why should you self-publish your book?

  • Total control of your income.
  • Complete freedom of what you publish and how much you charge for it.
  • You can quickly sell your work online without the need to convince a publisher.
  • Also, you have the power to distribute it in any way you want.
  • As an author, you completely control what your book looks like and how you market it.
  • You can also choose when it comes to pricing your book and how much time you have spent composing it.

As a result, the eBook industry is the fastest-growing publishing market segment.

Unfortunately, though, self-publishing often comes with challenges that writers must overcome before launching their books. One of them is to create a clear and concise marketing plan for your eBook before even writing it!

However, with eBooks and online platforms like Amazon and Google Play, people can easily publish their work to a global audience.

4. Makeup Tutorials on YouTube

In today’s web culture, videos are considered one of the most fundamental ways to market a product.

To start a small business on YouTube, you must invest in equipment and video production skills. You will also need to create content that can attract an audience.

The beauty industry is one of the largest in the world. One survey says women spend more on skincare than food and non-alcoholic drinks combined. Most people use makeup to enhance their appearance and feel confident.

5. Personal Trainer Service

The personal trainer service is one of the trending small business ideas to meet your needs and goals.

With the increasing demand for personal trainers and coaching services, there are many ways to earn money with this career. For example, you can offer your services as a part of a franchise, open up your studio, or even work with other trainers to provide their services to clients.

The personal trainer service will be one of the top market trends in 2022.

The first step to starting your own business is determining your target market. In this case, the target market for personal trainers will be fitness enthusiasts on social media who want to maintain their fitness levels to stay active and healthy.

The next step would be to set up a website with a unique layout and information to attract customers.

6. Virtual Assistant Service

With the internet’s and technology’s growth, many job opportunities are now available online. However, most people don’t have time to make their businesses grow.

With the help of virtual assistant services, these people can take their time and focus on other, more important activities.

These online VA services can save you the time of hiring an assistant independently. It is also faster than hiring someone full-time with no benefits.

Virtual assistants are a crucial part of the modern-day workforce. Therefore, they are essential to any company that wants to hire a virtual assistant.

In addition, They allow business owners to stay in touch with their clients and streamline their operations.

7. Online Marketing Consulting

As a digital marketing consultant, you must research the top market trends and online small business ideas. With tools like Google Trends, you can get instant information on what people search for and what they say.

As a digital marketing consultant, your time is valuable. But first, you have to identify the trends to stay ahead of the curve and provide your clients with the best campaign possible.

Every small business owner must promote their business and find the best ways to grow their sales.

Online marketing is a broad topic that can be pretty complex at times. Thus, finding the right business niche and selling your services can be challenging. It means you need to know the market well and the potential clients who can see your service as beneficial.

However, these skills are not easy to come by for most people, even though it seems like it should be easy for anyone with internet access. That’s where online marketing consultants step in – they offer expertise in content strategy and design, copywriting, SEO, and social media management.

8. Writing Business

Writing business is a low investment and thus requires minimal startup capital. You can start making money with minimum effort by simply setting up a website and publishing your work.

The best part of being a writer is that you can work from anywhere worldwide as long as you can access the internet. But remember, you need to produce quality content on demand.

The initial steps in starting a writing business are similar to any other home-based business. The trick is that you must be very competitive and be at the top of your game regarding quality and deadlines.

Here are steps to take before starting your own writing business

  • Find your niche

The online world is an ever-changing place. There are countless niches; if you want to write professionally, you’ll need to find your niche.

The best way to identify your writing niche is to consider what interests you. For example, if you love sports, start writing about the players and teams that interest you.

But, of course, there are many other options, like fashion or politics.

  • Write about what you know.

One of the most important aspects of starting a writing business is to start with an area you’re passionate about and have some expertise in.

It means you’ll be more likely to produce quality work and will be able to write quicker than someone with no background knowledge on the subject.

  • Create a professional website.

Learn how to create a professional website for your writing business, and get the opportunity to set up your website with an expert.

  • Be transparent with your clients.

Transparency is a key part of being a successful freelancer. Clients need to know that they’re getting the best work possible.

It’s thus essential to be open and honest about your qualifications, the terms of the project, and what other projects you may have going on at the time.

Another thing you need to keep in mind is to establish payment plans for clients.

9. eCommerce business

If you are good at online shopping or know how to identify trending items, then starting an eCommerce site might be the best idea for you.

Though not easy, it pays off if you can capture the market.

It would be best to consider some of the key things before starting an eCommerce business:

  • First, set up your online store using WordPress or WooCommerce.
  • Build your brand on social media using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest to create an audience for your future business.
  • The next step is to research the competition in the niche you want to enter. Then, study the marketing methods and apply them to your own marketing plan.

It would be best to think about how you ship the goods. Then, decide on your pricing strategy for your different products or services.

So be sure to take the lead of other companies in the niche before setting up your own pricing strategy!

The eCommerce business is on the rise; it’s one of the most popular options for companies today.

Online shopping has expanded exponentially in recent years. As a result, many people choose to buy products they need on the web instead of shopping. This trend may continue in the future.

With an eCommerce business, you don’t need much investment to get started. For example, you won’t need funds for inventory or storefronts, which are some of the highest costs for brick-and-mortar shops. Instead, all you’ll need is a website or blog listing your products and any additional details you want to provide.

10. Personal Chef Service 

As we continue to move towards a more health-conscious society, there is an increased demand for healthy food. Unfortunately, many people rarely have the time to create healthy meals and will happily pay someone to do it.

Moreover, there is an increase in restaurants that offer nutritious and sustainable options. And also, grocery stores sell fresh produce and meat-free antibiotics.

11. Web Developer

A website is usually the first point of contact between a company and its customers. Therefore, visitors should quickly navigate and find what they are looking for without getting lost in a maze of links or pages.

Moreover, there are over 4.66 billion internet users.

Hence, the need for web developers is increasing worldwide.

As a web developer, you can specialize in programming, testing, debugging, and maintaining existing websites for small businesses. There are other tasks that web developers can perform:

  • Installing third-party software packages
  • Setting up databases
  • Configuring security settings for web servers.

In addition, you can build websites for other small businesses and earn a steady income. Then, with creativity and expertise in the industry, you will come out triumph.

The most important thing is to start small, meaning you should focus on one programming language or framework at a time. It’s always better to learn what you need for your project instead of becoming an expert in everything.


A small business idea should be realistic and not take too much time. Also, it should be something that you are good at and enjoys so it doesn’t lead to stress and burnout.

However, you may face obstacles to raising capital for your business, don’t dwell too much on that. Remember, there are small businesses you can start at a very low cost.

The most significant hurdle to overcome is the lack of knowledge or experience in your chosen business.

And don’t forget to promote your business on social media for more conversions.

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